Friday, November 5, 2010

Let it GO!

I have a HUGE stack of recipes that are not even filed or in any kind of order.  I have 2 binders full of Weight watchers recipes that are organized by meal: apps, main meals, meat, vegetarian, breads, etc.  These two binders helped me through a few years of relearning how to eat healthy and how to eat correct serving sizes. 

These are from magazines, clipped from the paper, printed from online and have not been sorted or touched in well over a year....or...more. Ahem. 

Here is my plan: I am going to KEEP 52 of them. That's it. I am going to sort, keep 52 and recycle the rest and then I am going to make ONE a week for 2011. 

Do you have trouble letting go of things? I sure do! I have stacks of paper like these recipes of articles that I want to read, things I need to look up, meals to make etc... 

What would REALLY happen if I just TOSSED everything that I am sitting on, waiting to read, look at etc.. There will ALWAYS be recipes out there, always articles to read on running, on nutrition, on self help. There is nothing new under the sun. If I Let it GO and started with a clean slate, it would be ok. I need to remind myself that. 

Instead, I create pressure for myself to get through all I "want" to, when really if I was interested in it a year ago, there is no promise It will even be worth my time today. After all, if something doesn't fit or support where you are going, your goals or where you want to be...Let it GO! 

How do you organize your recipes? Do you
have a store of them you haven't tried yet and a method 
for trying them? 

RAFFLE Extended-Bike Tune ups!!

Happy Friday!! 

This week proved to be a little challenging with my transportation--a few flats on my bike, quite a bit of walking, catching the wrong bus, watching the right bus fly by a block up! 

Life lessons were all around me though in that when you attempt to solve a problem--you need to get to the ROOOT of that problem or you will face it over and over again. NO quick fixes!! Rip it out by the root and make room in the soil for what is supposed to be growing!!

Cool...on to the GOOD stuff for YOU! I am hosting another raffle to raise funds for my Destination BOLD cause! What is it? Bolder Options is an organization that matches mentors at risk kids, we meet with them, help with homework, and do races! My girl and I did 3 5k's over one year, learned about nutrition and goal setting and we learned from each other!

I am raffling off TWO gift certificates to The ALT Bike and Board each for one bike tune up, a sixty dollar value!! 

  • 10 dollars donated to my Fundraising will get you one entry 
  • 15 dollars will get you three entries
  •  20 dollars will get you FOUR ENTRIES!!! 

 Click here to enter the raffle and just note that it is for THE ALT. 

Extension - TWO winners will be chosen at random on FRIDAY morning November12th!! 

PERFECT for holiday gifts!! Razzo sends me emails with new donations, I will tally these in a spreadsheet based on the amount and use the random number generator on Monday to pick TWO winners! 

Share with your biking friends and thank you for your support as I raise money for Bolder Options and make my way closer and closer to the Honolulu Marathon! 

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