Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Good RUN!

SO, So, so happy. 
Not just a good run, a GREAT run. 

Decked out in FALL gear!

Boy did I feel blessed on this run. I spent the first 3 or so miles thinking about what I WANT my marathon in Honolulu to LOOK like. From my feet to my head: I saw my *new* running shoes (above) moving fast, touching the ground lightly and bounding back up. I saw my legs, tan and muscles popping. (tan? Not yet!) I saw my arms moving swift, I saw myself running in sunshine, blue sky over me, people cheering, a smile on my face and a good, fast, even pace ALL the way through. 

It was a wonderful way to start my run, by visualizing where I will be a little over a month from now when I do my  first 26.2 miles. Visualizing is very powerful as is saying affirmations. "I am light, I am quick, I am strong, I am winning!" 

11.48 miles and I don't know how long it took! I am focusing on a consistent stride, good form, and running strong!  

I came home and had an Oskri Sesame Bar, Protein shake and a mini Naan Pizza! It was a WONDERFUL Friday night. 

SUNDAY I am running a long run with the Bolder Group, I don't know how far I will go, between 16-18 for sure!  I am very excited to be able to do this, it is one of the first times that the group training runs have fit with my schedule. 

I am planning on buying a new camera this weekend too, so I will have better pictures again! Woot! I am planning on getting a Cannon Powershot SD1400 IS... any thoughts on it? 

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