Sunday, November 7, 2010

19 Miles under my belt!


With help of course! Sam, Laura and Lori are only a few of the runners that have been training for weeks Wednesday mornings and Saturdays. I haven't been able to make any of them, so have been marathon training on my own! But TODAY the 19 mile long run was on a Sunday so I was lucky enough to be able to hang out with them and talk RUNNING as we ran! 

Darshan and I  ran much of it together--what a difference running with someone makes! Darshan has done a number of marathons and it is nice to get bits of advice as well, Honolulu on December 12th is my first!!

A friend jokes with me that I am a walking grocery store on long runs and it's true! Today I took Coconut water (in my fuel belt), a muscle milk bar, some fruit chews with Vitamin C, about a quarter of an asian pear and had a GU pack! 

I didn't eat it all, but came close and I was smart enough to have enough water with me as well this time, no repeating my 16 mile "trial" that I did a few weeks ago where I was dehydrated, alone and deflated! 

Minnesota Running Wild, which is an organization of crazy running lovers in Minneapolis that is helping Bolder Options, Destination Bold Team on their training runs. On this run, they had 2 coolers as mile markers (4.5 and 9) with water, gatorade and GU. It was SO nice. 

After I got back to the city, I made a stop at the Running Room in Minneapolis to pick up some Body Glide for the race (I know, it's 34 days away, but I don't want to forget!) Hawaii is going to be hot and I am already thinking about what I will wear and how to handle the heat! Body Glide will keep my safe from the Chafe for sure! 

 I also picked up a Larger pack for my fuel belt--more room for food! And a capsule of Nuun, which I have never used, but heard wonders about. 

Small fuel belt pack vs. Medium pack. Big enough for a burrito I think!

OR I will just scarf a whole big boy down myself after the race, like I did today! I put this burrito away like no one's business and then crashed for an hour nap which I rarely do! 

The run itself went great, I felt strong, I felt good at the finish and I am looking forward to the FULL race in a little more than a month. I didn't time myself today, I am not worried about making a certain time. Like my buddies said, you can do all the right things to prepare and on race day what happens happens. 


1) FINISH the race

This last one should be easy, I do not like stopping and starting because I don't want to start back up again! 

Tonight I am icing, watching a little bit of bad TV to unwind and taking advantage of a new Lap tray I bought for my room! 

It's not only a little food tray with handles, but the top tray comes off to reveal a little DESK top with three different levels! I LOVE it, it will be a great way to read in bed and or write in bed without hurting my neck or always being propped up on my elbow. Here's to a little RELAXATION!   

Do you always have Goals when you race? 
Are they time goals or are they mental goals? 
Have a GREAT start to your week!!  

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