Saturday, November 13, 2010

9 miles: Dig Deep

I did a 9 miler on Thursday and it was FAB-ulous. 
WHY? Because I dug deep. 

Why don't I dig deep on EVERY run, on EVERY workout? 
Because I forget that I can.
I'm Lazy. 
Don't want to. 

Sometimes I forget that I can forgo ease or comfort for a hard, challenging run where step after step, I push myself, lift my knees a little higher, step a little quicker and move stronger. It feels simply painful, rewarding and exhilarating to DIG deep, PUSH yourself to new limits. 
Here is my pretty in pink outfit from my 9 miler this week.

I let myself ease into the run for the first 3 miles, there is something about those first few that are so hard for me, then I picked up the pace for the next 6 and pushed myself at every step. I yelled out. 
I cried. I laughed. I held out my arms to God in JOY! 
It was a great run. 

Think really: What is the WORST that would happen if you dug deep and pushed yourself harder than ever before?? You would get tired and stop. But you tried!! And if you tried and did it, then push a pinch more and a pinch more and soon, you have set a whole new level for yourself. Your base line will only get faster and stronger. We should always strive to be stronger, faster, kinder etc. tomorrow than we are today! 

I came home and had a great big fruit, greens and protein powder smoothie--refueling is fun!!

ALSO, I am SO thrilled to say that I finally have an IPod! A co-worker of mine over heard me complaining about  say that I really wanted a 4-5th generation Nano, not a new one and he sold me his for 100$ LESS than I could find them. It was uplifting to have tunes with me, I am sure it contributed to the Epic run! 

What do you think has contributed to your best races or performances? What is YOUR Fave running tune? I am working on my Marathon playlist... :) Happy Saturday!

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