Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lucy Distance Half zip for training!

Happy Sunday! I am out running 16 miles this morning and will post later about how it went--I am expecting greatness!

I am SO glad that Minnesota is experiencing a real fall, FINALLY! 
Not only because it's beautiful, but because I get to train in my Lucy Activewear Distance Half Zip jacket! 

I love this jacket (half zip hoodie ) for SO many reasons. The top being the high quality of LUCY activewear period. Second is the coverage: It's LONG!

Well over my best asset, which keeps me warm and doesn't ride up!

THUMB holes! LOVE these! keeps my hands warm and I can still tuck my fingers in!

There is a little POD pocket!
Also fits my phone and credit cards.

The hood gives awesome coverage and it's roomy, fit's over a stocking cap all the way!
AND the zipper of the half zip, comes all the way up my neck to the base of the hood, right at the chin. It's like they know what Minnesota fall and winters are like!

Full length fun! I LOVE this Half Zip jacket, the only thing was a few more little pockets to stash things on my run, but other than that it's wonderful--thanks LUCY Activewear for your support as I train for my LONGEST race to date!

What is your MUST have requirement in a running/workout hoodie or jacket?

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