Monday, November 15, 2010

Clean up...Aisle LIFE!

I need to clean up my diet. Period.

Here's the problem foods:

breads(muffins, scones,etc), convenient foods(processed or subs etc.), frozen dinners.


Not always bad when they stand alone, every now and again. I mean who hasn't had a smart one when your in a bind, a subway sandwich, or a muffin as a treat (the breakfast pastries get me) but daily and as your standard?? Bad news.  

My problems:

Preparation: Not having TIME to prepare healthy meals, starts with not having time to go grocery shopping.  What kind of LAME excuse is that? I can't take one HOUR a week to go to the store? There are THREE within 2 miles of me, all walking and biking distance and on the bus route.

I just need to make it a priority and schedule it like I would anything else important. AND I need to meal plan at least 5 meals between Lunches and dinners, knowing it will make about 10-12.  M
inus breakfasts, I'm set.  PLUS I can always order groceries online IF I really am in a bind and it's midnight and I am not going to hoof it to the store.

Money: I think we have ALL told ourselves that it's expensive to grocery shop. And sometimes that's true. I can't go to my co-op every week for all my food, it's not with in my means, but I can hit up the regular grocery store and go to the co-op for special things: cheese, meats, organic treats. In the long run, buying a frozen meal, DAILY for lunch or grabbing a sub, IS more expensive. They add up faster with no leftovers at all.
The Money is not an issue, and if I stopped using it as one, I would see planning is cheaper. Besides, that money is going somewhere (coffee), but where?(coffee)?

Habit: Just like getting up early, just like getting to the gym, doing the dishes (what's that?) planning and shopping needs to be a habit that we practice. Pick a day of the week--I pick...Thursday, because I don't start work till late and I can beat all the grocery store crowds when I go at 11am. EVERY Thursday, I take my plastic totes and go to the store. 

I can spend the afternoon prepping food, even making a meal or two to freeze for the week ahead, then my weekend is free to enjoy and my food is set. I have SO many good habits already in place, I am active and I often DO eat good. If I really cleaned up my diet, worked on eating less processed and convenience foods, I know I would feel better, probably trim up more and may improve performance through better fueling.

Can you relate? Anyone out there hearing me, or starting over as MUCH as I am? If your a regular blog reader, you know I struggle with this, I need to just prioritize, make it a habit and stop making money excuses. I know I can succeed!

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