Tuesday, November 16, 2010

16 miles + Snow =Seven miles with Hills

16 miles + Snow =Seven miles with Hills. Some people call it Mary math, I call it Minnesota. In the matter of a week and a half, we were experiencing 60's, then cool fall, then got our first dumping of snow. Saturday morning, I woke up to this: 

~on my way to work~ 

It's beautiful there is no doubt about that. 

But there was 7.5 inches at the airport and 9 inches in some places!! Needless to say, it put a little dent in my running plans. My friend Lori picked me up bright  and early and we headed out about 20 miles to where the running group was starting on the Gateway Trail, that's the same state trail I was on when I took my 70 mile bike trip

Well, it was covered in snow, not at all cleared off and after running into the trail about a quarter mile or so, seeing no clear path insight, decided to turn around and go back to the city to run the lakes which we were quite sure had clear paths and where it was warmer and sure to be melting more. 

We were in luck, the lakes were clear, but after our round trip of driving, we cut the run short to seven miles, with hill repeats in it. It was a hard run, we still ran into our fair share of snow in the neighborhoods and STILL ended up nearly soaking our feet. The hills were a great addition and Lori's idea! 

Lori has done a number of marathons and she said that it's such a mental game. The last 6.2 miles for sure, but she said she thinks the whole thing is essentially mental as well. Even the fact that our 16 miler was thwarted affected us mentally and I completely agreed. There are so many factors that go into race day: training, miles, nutrition, sleep, but your mentality can make or break your performance too. Lori said she thought I would do great because I had a great attitude about the race. Whew! She is super cool and encouraging! Thanks Lori! 

NEEDLESS to say, even though the run was shortened, it was a great time to talk about the race itself, our mentality and get in some much needed hill work. Not to worry, this week I will be getting 20 miles in easy before the 20 miler this weekend. An per my running partner's advice, I am treating it just like race day. It should be epic. :) 

ALSO on the epic front, is this drink that I had over the weekend! I went out on the town and had a blast!! I ate at a very swanky and fun joint in Minneapolis where I had: 

slow roasted with a grilled pineapple relish, Cuban black beans, white rice and fried plantains.
fresh Atlantic salmon inside-out roll with chipotle soy glaze, avocado, cilantro, and roasted corn salsa

Also on the menu was this bad boy--it's non-alcoholic, but the waiter suggested I finish it before he told me the calories I just drank : 

ANYONE want to guess the calories?? I will tell you some guesses were 1200-1700! 

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