Wednesday, November 17, 2010

12 min Tabata

I have blogged about Tabata once or twice before, but am really falling in love with it recently! I have been adding it into my bootcamps and doing my own at home. Usually you do body weight exercises, but can add weight as well. 

Interval training: 20 seconds on at top intensity, 10 seconds rest, repeat for 4 min, then switch exercises. That's 3 exercises 4 min all together and a total of 12 min for the whole work out. 

Exercises you can use: 
squat jumps
lunges (any kind)
sit ups
push ups
kettlebell swings
Jumps (tuck jumps, box jumps etc)
the possibilities are endless. 

Always a challenge, you can do it anywhere and use simply your body weight! Make sure to warm up and cool down!  

Have you done Tabata?? 

Our Little Secret!

Fundraising is a girls best friend!! 
It is when you do it at Our Little Secret!

Alyssa shopping for a date--read her dating blog here

 A group of runners raising money along with me for Bolder Options threw some parties at a Minneapolis wholesale accessory boutique, Nancy Nelson's Our Little Secret.

It was named Best of Minneapolis 2009 & 2010 Boutiques! And I can tell you why!  

When our shopping party arrived, they had water, cookies and I brought a little bubbly! Nancy encourages you to try everything on, but beware, when you do, you will LOVE everything!  The merchandise is new nearly weekly, so if you go often, it will be a fresh shopping experience each time! 

Everything Nancy carries is SO beautiful, chic and sophisticated! 

Nearly every accessory is in a set --earrings and necklaces are sold together and the prices are great! Bracelets, wallets, scarves, purses--there is a huge selection and the best part was that 30% of all the sales went to our fundraising for Bolder!

Lori and friend-happy shoppers! 

Deb was there shopping away! She and I are going to be roomies on our trip to run the Marathon in LESS than a month!! We won't need bulky jackets where we are going!!

Nancy offers private parties to small groups, friends, any kind of fundraiser or party--getting married? Celebrating a birthday? Swing by her website here and contact them about having your group or party come in and SHOP!  

Nancy is the Hostess with the mostess! 

Afterwards, Alyssa and Nita and I caught a bite to eat --shopping for charity gives us an appetite!!  Then I headed home to play with my new accessories I bought! 
A beautiful green and metallic pashmina, cute pink and brown purse and beautiful hair clip for the holidays! 

THANK You to Nancy Nelson and Our Little Secret and THANK you to everyone who has supported me in donating to my fundraising (click and you still can!) and those to continue to show up in a BIG way as my support! 

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