Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mind Mapping and YOU!

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I consider myself an organized and motivated person, but recently I have made a friend who really has challenged my own view of motivation, personal growth & work, and conscious focus on my projects. It's inspiring to be challenged!  I am SO grateful that meeting new people can open new experiences and ideas to our world! After all if you aren't moving forward, your moving backwards! 

Something they talked with me about was mind mapping and it seems essentially like a brainstorm for ideas, projects or goals that you have on your plate. It's a visual way to track or map all possible little steps you may have to take to accomplish your goal.  

In my job in the corporate world, I had to learn to focus on details, I had to train myself to see the small steps, think ahead of all the details and create methods to help me succeed in that, a gift that I didn't have, but worked to cultivate. Mind mapping will help you see the big picture, map the little steps and exhaust your paths and opportunities. Just like with brainstorming you write down all possible "branches and twigs" that extend from the trunk of your main idea. You never know what will come from every idea you write, but writing it creates the space for it to come to be. 

How to: 

Start in the center-this is your main idea, your foundation

Use pictures- you will associate each picture with the concept on the map

Use colors- this will bring out your creativity which will spark new ideas and fresh outlooks

Connect everything on the map- every though or idea has to be connected and every connection will result in new ideas (branches/twigs)

Key words- Use powerful key words not phrases or sentences, they are easier to remember and will help a big undertaking like a mind map feel simple and clean. it will also help keep your mind open and focused. 

Thank you to talent culture for these outlines on how to get started!

My Mind map:

This is my money/debt mind map. Many of them are feeings and phases of life I want to move into and a few are things I can do, actions to take to get there. BUT if I am focusing on the end result, It will happen.  PLUS there is room to add more little steps as well. Always leave a little white space to renovate. 

The middle of the map says: out of debt, big savings and abundant living-big goals.  

The Branches coming out contain: Giving, Freedom, savings, investing, loans, retirement, risk etc.. 

Some smaller "twigs" from the branches include: focus, clarity, strong, plenty, east, foundational, unmovable sources, travel, adoption, cushion etc.. 

For example: Giving stems out into home, time, tithe, ministry, donation, fundraising etc. There are a million ways I can give and a million ways that giving can create a place of wealth and abundant living (NOT only monetary), creating freedom and reducing debt.  

I used PINK because it's one of my fave colors and makes me happy, just like giving.  I show a clock flying because giving can include giving of my time which I often have more of than money to give. Also, a picture of 3 crosses, since Christ's ultimate gift of his life set me free.

Giving is connected to my foundation, to my focus and to risk, all in a different area on the map, but all interconnected and finally, I used key words (I did use phrases).

Have you created a mind map for anything?? I have 4 more on my plate I want to do over the holidays... what are things you would mind map? 

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