Monday, November 29, 2010

Twenty miles and giving thanks

I did it. I ran 20 miles. 

And I pretty much feel like a major rock star because of it. Even though tons of people have done it, tons of whom I know, it still feels amazing!

First things first: Thanksgiving was a great time! It was a total 4-5 days of decompressing which I needed badly!  I went to my Mom's house and we enjoyed the day with my Sister and her family! 

Dinner was the absolute basics of Turkey day and it was GREAT!! 


My Sister


My Twenty! 
I fueled up BLACK Friday morning and headed out on the Douglas State Trail in PineIsland, Minnesota. Breakfast was a BIG one for my run: Oatmeal, toast with Almond Butter, Honey and banana. 

I was in my new Smart Wool socks--a much needed item for Minnesota Running. 

I had my fuel belt, but I FORGOT the bottles!! Packing in a hurry for a long run is never a good idea! 

Luckily Mom had these little 10 ounce glass bottles she had saved and I took two out with me filled with Nuun Active Hydration! I dropped one where I started and ran one out to my 5 mile Mark.

I have my Nike Free's in 7.5--a little bigger than I am used to, but needed to bump up a half size even in these last 2 weeks before the race. I discovered after my 19 mile run that my feet swell enough to cause my toes to pinch in my Nike Free 7's, so I upgraded a half size. They are totally rad in all black. 

GRIP! The trail was icy and I never would have made it even the first 5 miles with out these great grips with screws. 

Heading out into the sun and the cold! 

A long run alone: it was a good one, a lot of thinking, planning, trying to work out some projects in my head and a lot of just being with God too. I love the long runs because I either talk to him or just think about him and spend time listening. 

Went out to County road 3 and back twice--5 miles out x 4= 20 miles. Not the most exciting route but it was fine for me, easy to calculate! 

The pretty prairie!

All done--a snow angel with RED cheeks! When I went out it was 18 degrees and when I came in 3 hours and 30 min later it was dusk and COLD. BUT I still laid down and made a shallow little angel on the trail to remind myself what I just DID! 

My 20 mile marker!! 
& my time: not too shabby!

I was SO thankful for Mom, having a HUGE spaghetti dinner ready for me!! I Ate SO fast, but it was SO good! 

Deep thoughts on the 20 miler: 
Since I went out and back on the same 5/10 mile route it was mundane, but allowed me time to practice my form. It allowed me to think about my legs, how they felt at my pace, feel my strength and gauge: could I go faster? Yes, I could have. 

Mental running: So much of what we go through in life is mental. Past pains, current challenges at work, with family and when you add running out. I know for me that half the battle of even getting out the door is mental.  On my dig deep post earlier this month, I talked about not going as hard as I could, but most of what stops me is my brain. Once I decide that my legs (lungs, arms, feet etc) do what my mind wants them to, then we are in business. My MIND tells my body what to do. 

Race Day: My initial plan last weekend was to have my 20 miler morning be as much a race day run down as possible. This didn't happen when I actually did the run this weekend, but that is ok. I spent a lot of time visualizing my race day and It is very effective and important to  envision yourself succeeding at what you are doing and SEE yourself achieving your goal. 

How are all the "Don't Gain, Maintain!" challengers doing so far now that holiday #1 is under our belts? Any tips for moderation? Thanks for reading and have a great week! 

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