Friday, December 3, 2010

5 Ways to Stay in routine!

Part of my job is to sit down with new members and talk about their fitness goals. I really enjoy talking with people about where they want to be and what they can pinpoint in their lives that needs to change in order for them to get there. I make them pinpoint goals, even if it's just area's they want to work on (tone triceps, core strength etc) or how many days a week they will try and come in the gym.   

Committing to a gym schedule IS a challenging task especially when you have a family, a job or a social life! Here are a few tips on how you can stay in the routine that you strive for and create daily! 

1) Get in Gear: keep your gear near by! Keep the gym bag under your desk, in the trunk or invest in a locker at the gym with all you need in it. No excuses, no forgotten shoes! Be prepared with your gear on hand and you will be more likely to stick to your routine.

2) Make it special: Sign up for a specialty class or a pre-paid program. If you pay for 6 weeks of kettlebells, chances are you will be sure and make every class. Sure, it's an extra investment, but by the end of the class, you will be going on a regular basis and seeing results. Even just making friends with the instructor at a free class will help you want to come, if they know to expect you. 

3) The full monty: Most gyms offer EVERYTHING you need in one place: swimming, yoga, cardio machines and classes and some even childcare and spa's. Often you can get an orientation from a trainer so you know just what the value of your membership is. If you realize and take advantage of ALL you can do at your gym then you will be more excited to go and find more reason. 

4) It has to work out: for you. Make it convenient to go to to the gym! Find something you like that is close to your house, or better yet on your way home from work. We all know that going home and then back out into the night to hit the gym is a lot harder than the other way around. Some companies have fitness centers and workout rooms on site that are easy to access and cheaper than your conventional gym. What ever you do, do it  and make working out work for you.

5) Get a plan: Print one out online, hire a trainer, bring in a workout from a magazine or get some help writing your own workout plan. Just be prepared with something to do EVERY time you come into the gym or you will end up futzing around and heading home without breaking a sweat.  Create a routine, a plan, schedule a class etc...You have to know where you're going or you will never get there!! 

What is the best key that YOU find to keep your gym attendance and routine consistent? Today I am hitting up the gym, then taking some Mary time before a fun night out! Happy Friday to you!  

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