Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tapering: REST!

First Important things first: The Marathon outfit:

Complete and utter unmatchedness, I know! I bought everything separate, forgetting that Bolder Options ordered jersey's that we were wearing as a team! By the time I bought the LUCY Activewear shorts (I planned on a black top) and got the jersey, I decided to just go with the flow and figured I would be easy to spot in pictures! 

FitSoks: I WON these on Facebook and you can bet your bottom dollar, they are my race day socks! I LOVE Fitsok!! 

The very bright, very sweet LUCY shorts. I wanted to wear shorts for the Honolulu Marathon, but didn't want any that would ride up or not give me ample "coverage" so my thighs make it the 26.2! They were on clearance for a STEAL so I couldn't resist! 

The perfect sports bra: YES. It is. It's from Aerie which I had never been to before, but went in for a pair of workout pants. I tried their F.I.T. Medium-impact bra on shown below and LOVED it. It's very supportive, thick with removable cup padding AND it has a regular bra clasp in the back, so you can control how constricting it is around your torso. They are actually on sale online now--check it out! 

The BO Singlet!! SO proud to be wearing it and representing Bolder in the race of my life!! THANK you to everyone who donated to my fundraising--I HIT MY GOAL last week and had a record breaking 78 donations!! 

Tapering and the itch to run
Tapering can be hard to do. After logging so many runs and miles to prepare for this race stepping back is as much of a mental challenge as the longest runs.  With all the icy weather my 20 miler was nearly a week late, so three weeks of a taper (which is what most plans suggest) was already not going to happen. The past 2 I have been following the short weekly runs, but skipped a "longish" run (slated 8-12) this weekend to simply avoid any chance of over-training. 

With one week before my race, a 8 mile run logged or not, is not going to improve my time or pace etc. There are at least 3 more runs before race day, to acclimate to the weather and time change in Hawaii. 

Why is the Taper SO important? Runners World confirms that it is to minimize fatigue that we have been getting accustomed to, to let our bodies replenish important glycogen stores, antioxidants and hormones. REST is key to optimal performance because it allows our body to rejuvenate without losing any of the work we have put into it.  People who really maximize their Taper perform better and have less injury. Sounds like a plan to me! 

Take in plenty of water, protein and make sure to visualize the success you are aiming for. Also, as is my case, I ended up getting new shoes late in the game because of my little toes swelling on my 19miler. The taper weeks are about as late as you want to switch anything up without causing stress on your feet and legs. I threw my new shoes on for the 20 miles, since they are the exact same brand, style and very malleable requiring little breaking in.   

The taper week is playing with my mind a little bit, in that I feel a little removed from my longest run, but I KNOW that I put in all the effort and work I needed to, and that I will perform where I want to!

How has your body responded to a taper? 

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