Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Perspective in running and life

First long race I did was 10 miles, then I did 13.1, then I did 20. After that kind of "long run" when you do 5 miles -- you feel like you could sprint the whole thing.  The shorter distances just seem shorter and shorter the longer you go. After 20 miles, distances that seemed long before seem like...well, a piece of cake! 

I am sure a lot of you experience that right? You remember running your first mile and then finishing your first 5k...the mile seems SO short when before it seemed so long and so daunting!  

Having the right perspective is a key to success! In running, in health, work and in LIFE!  So often we don't see things the way they ARE. We automatically pick the WORST scenario, we assume things will be SO hard, that we will be met with a NO for an answer, a closed door, a distance too far, an obstacle too hard.  We have perspectives of ourselves that are off too: we think we are a bigger size than we really are, we think others are judging us, we think that  we are not WORTH that wonderful new job, that adoring partner or a day to ourselves. 

Why do we have these skewed perspectives? Infinite reasons, from fear to childhood scars to plain old lack of knowledge. How can we CHANGE them so we can live life to the fullest? A few ways:  

Face the challenge: JUST DO IT. What ever it is, face it, do it, have a show down and if you win you win and if you lose, you just dust yourself off and try again. BUT what you will do it take the power away from the "thing" and put it back into your hands. Your perspective will change and you will have your authority. 

A second opinion: Ask a friend for help to see what is blocking you, to see things as they ARE. Sometimes we need more than a friend to talk to, more than a buddy to take that long run with, sometimes we take it to the professionals and do the work with them. Either way, getting a second opinion on the 

Say affirmations: If you are lucky enough to know what your misguided perspective is and maybe even what causes it, then you are more than half way to overcoming it with some good old fashioned affirmations and positive self talk. Even people who are NOT people of faith KNOW and know that it's been proven that what we focus on, speak and think about can have a profound affect on our lives. It's true. When I run, I repeat "quick and light" over and over in my head if I am feeling sluggish. Daily I say "God is working in my life!" even if I can't see the evidence. Pick some good uplifting affirmations to say and stick with them. 

Be open to change. Be WILLING to admit that things are NOT as we see them or know them to be. If you can't be open to that, chances are you are scared of something: change, failure etc. We have to be open, willing and hopeful!! 


It's like the old English Proverb says: We never find that which we do not seek. 

What do you think you need to change your perspective of in life? This morning I am on my WAY to the Marathon. I am sure it won't even feel real till I land and my little MN body feels that Hawaii heat. Wish me Blessings!
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