Friday, December 10, 2010

Running the Tangents

Set in 1976, a classic rock sound track, Marky Mark...what's NOT to love?! Invincilbe, a story about the struggle of an underdog taking a shot at his DREAMS! Give it a go girls, it's SUCH a wonderful movie and you can watch it with that special man, since it's about football.

 As I was reading up on Marathon Training, I read that Caitlin was "running" the tangents or the shortest distance through the race route. It's perfectly legal to do, it's efficient and you are being more direct and in turn saving energy!  You will need to look ahead at the course and run toward the corners of the route, not swing around every corner or curve. Looks a little like this: 

It's similar to what Jammers do in Roller Derby in that they "skate the diamond" (when they can) by cutting closest to the corner of the oval and wide on the straightaways. It is fast, saves energy and when your stride is established you take fewer steps. Granted when a pack of brute girls is trying to stop you, it's a challenge, but the concept is the same. 

RUNNING the tangents is ideal with a race that has a lot of curves in it-- such as a race route that follows a shore line, or mountainous / hilly terrain: Like the Honolulu Marathon! 
Now, I can't guarantee that I am going to actively attempt to run the tangents in this race. 

Here's why: 1)There is no cap on participants, so I am going to be swimming in a sea of people and may not have room! 

2) With the views I will have I don't think that I will be looking ahead to the curve, but maybe to the side like at Waikiki Beach:

3) This is my FIRST marathon, I want to finish and have FUN! And although I know I said a number of times that I don't have a time goal, but, I do. It's just not a strict one--what I am planning on doing is sticking near the 4 hour pace group and just see how I feel! So, there I said it . . . which means it's a goal! 

When you run, do you think of ways to shave minutes or do you just run faster to improve your times?

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