Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Card

Here's my little Christmas card to you: 

On Christmas, I Baked! Peppermint meringue drops!

Put out JOY-filled post its to spread the joy of the season and remind people of their joy.

Decorated:  (gave in to putting up the tree!)

Churched & Chilled!

Hope you had a beautiful day with the ones you love! 

Holiday Stress: Don't do it!!

Merry Christmas!

Below is a fave song of mine from "Meet me in St. Louis" a movie about a family who goes through a tough year, a rough holiday with a dash of romance and tons of great songs.

Click on it, embedding was disabled!

Holidays can cause stress. Family, relationships and misunderstandings can too. Here are a few tips to just help you cope with any potential stress you may be facing: 

1) BREATHE and wait. Take a few seconds to take a deep breath and ask yourself: is this stress or conflict going to be worth my trouble. The answer is almost always no. 

2) Seek to understand THEN be understood. People want to be understood and heard, but take a min to first understand where someone else is coming from. Often, a simple misunderstanding or unknown expectation comes out and can be resolved quick. Seek to understand first alleviates stress before it happens.

3) Only YOU can control you. No one can anger you, frustrate you or ruin your day, but you. We choose everyday whether to respond positively or negatively to the things we face. Try and remember that we can learn from every situation. Things don't have to happen to us, they can happen for us. 

4) Don't hold on to things. This is hard, we all know it is! Whatever holiday crime that family member, checkout person or neighbor committed, will only cause YOU pain and real stress (sometimes physical!) by holding on to it. Let it go, move forward in love and be an example to them of how you want to be treated. You will be an example to others as well of true compassion.

See how these tips are all things we actively do and choose? We are then in control of our stress, how we see a situation and how we respond. We may not be in control of our circumstances, but we can strive to rise above. Maybe even in doing all these things you are still a bit frazzled--so go for a run, hit the gym or do something nice like get your nails done. THEN go back to step one and BREATHE.

Forward fearlessly through the holidays in JOY! 

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