Monday, December 27, 2010

Reining it in...

On Christmas morning I had truffles and eggnog for breakfast, it's true. 

I had 2 days,  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,  where I was not very proud of what I ate. BUT it was two days at the most, a day and a half if you count a good breakfast on the Eve (but all the nibbles zero even THAT out). Ever since the marathon, I have been eating like I am running 20 miles a day--it's true!

But two days OFF the wagon, does not a lifestyle change nullify. 

An attitude of all or nothing like that will result in restricted eating or excessive exercise to even the eating out, when a healthy balance of both is easily attained.  All we (I) have to do is rein in our (MY) eating with a few easy changes this week: 

1) Water! Starting my day with a big glass of water and carrying my water bottle with me so that I drink more! Water will curb my appetite and flush out the chocolate toxins that can make us feel sluggish. 

2) SOUP! Eating soup before an entree or a meal also helps to fill you up! There are oodles of wonderful low calorie, healthy soups out there and recipes galore in the world of food blogging. From creamy soups containing pureed veggies, to broths on the stove top in minutes, a soup and side (fruit, salad etc) is a great way to eat a few less calories and still feel like you are eating rich. 

3) Add it up. The thought crossed my mind, why not count calories/points again for a few weeks, just to get back on track? Granted without truffles in my house, there are not a lot of high calorie items, but I am OVER eating just in general. Marathon training had me consuming more calories than usual and I need to back down. You can always (I can) start adding them up to get a base feel for where you should be. 

4) Going green: Make sure that  you are getting ALL five servings of your fruit and veggies. Chances are if you do that, you will be filling up on the good stuff with plenty of fiber and water included. I know, spinach, sprouts and kale don't look QUITE as tempting as the cookies we enjoyed (I enjoyed), but we can fill up, fuel up and feel better with them.  

5) Finally just remember that we can start over at any time...including right now! WE (I) can put down that bar, candy, cookie etc and have a big glass of water and a pear. All our choices get to begin when we say they do, our healthy lifestyles are what we make them to be and all our stops along the journey ARE what make up the entire process. Today, I chose to rein in my cravings and do what I know I really want to! 

What is your best lesson in reining in your eating habits after a little loss of self control? 
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