Tuesday, December 28, 2010

VOTE for my NYE outfit!

Complete and utter non-fitness, non-health related post! 
What Should I wear?? 

Over Christmas it was concluded that I have a pretty horrendous style! It's actually kind of true and I don't mind. Part of it is who I am, part of it is that I wear things that SEEM like a good idea, a style that you may say, oh that is SO cool (or retro, 80's, outlandish, edgy etc) but wouldn't be caught dead wearing outside of playing dress up at the thrift store. 

Me? I buy it and wear it. It results in some of the purchases shown below: 

I love this shirt, but really? One shoulder leopard print? Sheesh. 

I do not have this sweatshirt anymore, but wore it NOT for dress up often. 

Sequin vest and top hat? You bet.

This was my birthday and it was NOT a costume party. 

This was a dress up party, but I wear this one piece SHORTS suit otherwise too. Aloha! 

Need I say more? Pink fanny packs with green polish? Oy Vey!

VOTE: Exercise your right to vote for my NYE outfit! 

Black flair pants 
Kenneth Cole Reaction peep toe heels 
Black sequin strapless shirt
Brown velvet bolero 
Vintage diamond and pearl necklace

Outfit #2
Black scoop neck, patterned black velvet jacket
Blue and black sleeveless dress
Kenneth Cole Reaction peep toe heels
Vintage diamond and pearl necklace

Both outfits will be sans glasses and with my hair all done beautifully! 
The date? Le sigh, I am looking forward to it very much! A special person, a special night and a party at church! We will be ringing in the New Year with eyes forward and hearts connected! Should be a blast!! 

What are YOU doing New Years Eve??

2011 Races & Ambition!

After running my first marathon, I got the marathon itch. I LOVED the race. I wanted to do it again. So for this coming year, I am going to plot out some really ambitious races and see just how much I can do! (and by do, I mean afford!)

2011 Races

January: indoor track races! January 2nd, January 16th through Charities Challenge! Short distances and working on my speed!
May Med City Marathon - In Rochester, MN, my home town territory!
June  Hmmm... TBD
August: Ragnar relay-looking for a team! 
September: TBD
October:  Twin Cities Marathon- SO excited to do this for the first time! 
Nov   TBD
Dec TBD 

Do you plan out your races/race schedule for the coming year??

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