Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking ahead with new eyes

2010 was a great year, I can't say a single thing bad about it. It held some challenging experiences, ones that I am blessed enough to get to learn from. It held some scary moments where I couldn't see the path out in front of me, but moved through fear. Eventually I even moved past many of those fears. 

As I am looking into 2011, I am seeing new opportunities, more so than any of the other years of my life. One of the reasons I am seeing things with new eyes is because of the experiences of 2010. 

It was proven to me that the Lord is genuinely faithful. 
It was proven to me that I am different than I thought I was. 
It was proven to me that when you hold fast to your truth, opportunity will find you. 
It was proven to me, what is really of value. Really of value. 

I am going to continue to challenge my old way of thinking and my old way of life. Stepping forward ONLY and into the great unknown where I feel I am called to be. Big visions, confident steps, obedience to God and the knowledge that through him I can do all I am called to do. God will never call you to do something that he won't also equip you to do. 

I made a new vision board and although some goals and visions from my last one are still being molded, this one is more concise about my big visions, ambitious ones, that I am seeing with new eyes: 

What will you attempt to see with New Eyes for 2011? There is no better time to start than right now! Good luck!

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