Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Recap: The Winter's Tale

Hope your weekend was wonderful!!

Mine was a great ride...projects, work, play, plays....yep! 
I had a date with the theater! First was dinner at Tao Natural Foods, in Minneapolis. I love Tao foods because the atmosphere is so casual and the food made slowly with love and care. 

For starters we had an amazing soup and I had NO idea what was in it, other than peanut butter. It was delicious and the presentation was wonderful. 

I also enjoyed their SOUTHWEST SPICY WRAP With brown rice, guacamole, black beans, onions, sprouts, jalapeƱo, hot sesame oil & homemade salsa. It was amazing...sorry no picture, by the time I got it, I dug right in! 

Then, we went to the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis to see The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare. 


It was a great night, the play was VERY well done, funny and touching. Plus we got rush tickets with our friend Adam, so we saved a lot of money and got amazing seats! What a great experience. 

Believe it or not, I took sometime on Sunday to RELAX. I know, it was an interesting experience, one I hope to have more often in the future. I went grocery shopping, spent sometime with my friend Alyssa and caught up with other friends. 

What did you do this weekend to take time for yourself? Do you go to see plays? Do you have a favorite? I am partial to Shakespeare, but love Our Town by Thorton Wilder as well. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

RunKeeper Review

Almost there!! Where? The weekend! When your Monday through Thursday are as whirlwind as mine usually are, a little weekend downtime is welcome!  

Yesterday I tested RunKeeper which I downloaded for my Android phone over the holidays. It's a FREE download on your phone (available for iphones also) and tracks your mileage via GPS, your time to run that mileage and even maps out where you have gone. 

Then it automatically updates the RunKeeper website and facebook and twitter with: 

 calories burned
 and a link to your RunKeeper profile with a map of your route. From there, your friends can see your progress or steal your running loop for their own! 

It's like daily mile on drugs and I love it!! 

Yesterday it only tracked part of my run, but I failed to "wait" for the GPS to kick in before I pressed the start activity button. After you start that button, you set it and forget it (Anyone here me on that one?). You can be on the web, make calls or just tuck your phone away on your person and press stop when you are through, RunKeeper runs in the background and tracks the whole time. 

It can be used to track any kind of activity as well, walking, cycling even group fitness classes! It's SO easy to use and for safety I always have my phone on me when I run anyway, it makes perfect sense to use an App like this. 

On the main RunKeeper website you can check other people's routes, friend athletes in your area and find races. It will even tell you your PR for times or distance based on what it has previously tracked. 

I will be using it every time I run! Speaking of, I have been doing a great job of running to work and back, even if I carry a bag with me, I just attempt to pack light and look at it as resistance training! I don't mind the cold or the dark but sometimes running in snow is tiring. 

60 Salad's in 60 Days

The challenged I joined up with on FB is going REALLY well so far! I am proud of my own accountability for making sure I have a salad daily! Day two was less of a salad and more of a SUPER green green monster again, but with 2 cups of spinach in it, I counted it! 

Day three was this beauty: 
Spinach, tuna, chia seeds, almonds, craisin's, onions and poppy seed dressing! It was sweet and a little tangy because of the onions. YUM! 
Are you taking the challenge or have you been trying to incorporate more salads anyway? 

What is your favorite Salad topping?? 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

60 Salads in 60 days Challenge

This weekend was a busy and good one filled with COLOR! 
I had an ice skating date which was SO much fun! I am so thankful for someone I can be active with and have fun! I had a "new" outfit on for the occasion too, including a Bright, sparkly scarf! 

We went to the old Train Depot in Minneapolis which was converted into a rink, hotel, water park etc. It's really warm and nice! They even had the mirror ball going at one point. 

I am looking forward to a lot of active dates: 
trips to the gym
hiking & 
if I am lucky a little tennis!

What is your favorite date activity to stay active & healthy?? 

The rest of the weekend was JUST as colorful with the greenest green monster I have had in a long time! Spinach, banana, soymilk and a little protein powder! 

I picked up a little set of medium turquoise bowls too! I LOVE the color and they are perfect serving sizes! 

60 Salads in 60 Days:
I am taking the 60 salads in 60 days challenge on Facebook. Click to join the group and join in the challenge! Goal: Incorporate a salad into our diet daily for the next 2 months! 

I could definitely use some accountability like this, just to make sure I get my green foods in and keep things light, we are not out of the winter tunnel yet and comfort foods, heavy foods, carb heavy meals are still calling me. When really, salads are just as easy (IF NOT easier) to make.  

Why not incorporate a salad into everyday? 
you get your veggie servings in
you feel more full before meals
you can feel satisfied using fewer calories
you can be more creative with toppings than any other meal... AND 
They are pretty to photograph!

Salad #1 Spinach, grilled peppers, grilled Zucchini, tuna, chia seeds, garlic, lemon juice & olive oil dressing!  

What is your favorite salad topping and do you think you will join the Facebook group and make your 60 Salads in 60 Days official? Do you follow Me on FB? Check it out and Happy Monday! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

One Year Later

I can't believe it, but it's mid January already. Not only are today's temps and wind-chills plummeting in Minneapolis, I realized I am exactly one year out from when I started studying for my Personal Training certification.  You can read all about my career change from corporate receptionist to fitness professional in THESE POSTS!

I had been a receptionist for almost 7 years. Sitting behind a desk, doing work I wasn't good at and didn't like. I was afraid to step out into the unknown, the uncomfortable and to a place where I may actually have to step into my true self, my true abilities, my true calling. It was a place that I was AFRAID to go! I was afraid first to fail and second to succeed! 

But I was unhappy in my life, and after being on a journey of faith and self for the last two years, I was not being honest to stay where I was any longer. I was not hiding behind alcohol any more, relationships any more, I wasn't hiding behind food anymore. In order to really truly be myself, I had to stop hiding behind a false position.  

I studies for most of January and February, tested out in March and left my job 2 weeks later with NOTHING lined up.  In a post early march I wrote that I wanted to have a job where I was able to BE these things: 

Someone who helps other
someone who enjoys every day
someone who makes a difference
I want to be who I have ALWAYS been! ME!

Sometimes I felt inadequate. But I know that what I am called to do, I am equipped to do. 

Sometimes I was wondering where the money would come from, but I know that GOD is my source, not my job. My job being really to bring Glory to God and move the kingdom forward. 

Sometimes I struggle(d) with whether I chose right, but I know that the pressure that is in my life now is an ENTIRELY different pressure than being in the wrong job and wrong place. I would never trade them. 

Sometimes I wondered when it was going to be easy since I was on the right path. But I am learning the difference between Easy and EASE. Just because something isn't easy doesn't mean we can't be fully enjoying it and that it isn't exactly where we should be. 

Sometimes I look at everything that I have been through this past year and I am astounded. 

Did I do everything fearlessly? 

Step out without a job- only a vision, take on 3500 dollars fundraising with no idea of my own income, trusting the process that when I obey God it will bring good, being vulnerable in a new career where I don't know all the answers, open myself up to all new ways of thinking...did all of this happen without Fear? 

NO, but I moved through the fear. I felt it and did it anyway.  

We MUST know who we are and who's we are to move confidently through fear and step by step take our rightful place in our own lives. No one else can do your pushups for you, no one else can move through your fear and take your power back, no one else can be YOU, walk your path and make the difference YOU are meant to make. 

So one year later, I am a personal trainer and specialty group fitness instructor running boot camps, teaching kettlebells and working on some BIG projects personal and business for the coming year. Not only am I working for a great company, I am on my own as well! 

I don't have the answers, but I can find them. I take my power back when I feel fear and do it anyway. I work with ease and face challenges with excitement knowing it's all part of life. I step out into the unknown now, with confidence in my path and faith in my source.  

I am SO excited that its been a full year, it's been such a wonderful journey and one that is still so full of promise of the years to come!

LOCAL Boot Camp February!

Announcing a Kick your New Year into Gear Boot Camp, Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota February 5th through March 12th! 

WHO: YOU!! You can be stronger, faster and feel better with Temple Training boot camps and you are sure to have a great time! You will never see results unless you jump up, ramp up and sign up--Today because Space is limited!

WHEN:  Starting SATURDAY February 5th through March 12th* CPT Mary Sailors of Temple Training & Fitness will conduct a Boot Camp Conditioning class at 501 Fit in Minneapolis, on 5th and Washington in downtown Minneapolis! Shower and towel service included! 

WHAT:  Boot Camp conditioning is a 60 min, full body strength, cardio and toning workout. Please wear workout clothes and tennis shoes. We will be focusing on body weight exercises, plyometrics, interval training and incorporating some specialty fitness such as kettlebells to blast fat & increase strength and toning! 

Email me directly at Mary @ Fit this girl (dot) com for full information or to sign up! 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mini Blogger Conference and Analytics

 Last Friday, I was able to attend a Mini conference of the Minnesota Bloggers Conference where Josh Braaten and Becky Flansburg spoke! 

Josh covered some basic understanding of Google Analytics and Becky talked about Networking. It was a great hour plus packed full of information! 

Our fearless speakers: 

The big items I took away from Becky's talk were: 

Business cards & 60 second elevator speeches. Fantastic information! Have a business card ready to hand people and be able to say what you are about--your blog, your business, what you do--in 60 seconds or less. It's as if you were in an elevator with someone and you only had 60 seconds to get your information to them. It must be clear, catchy and quick! 

I am working on mine!

Josh's talk on Google Analytics was surprisingly informative, witty and fun. He promised it would be, but I didn't believe him and I was wrong. There was a lot to learn from all he said and I came away really wanting to dig into the analytics website at some area's I never looked before and really get an insight into my blog & readership! 

Always start with a question: 

Who are your readers?
Where are they coming from?
What are they reading?
What are they sharing

DO YOU USE Google Analytics? If you do, you should check out Josh's post recapping his whole presentation HERE!  

 On a side note... 

I wore a very cute heart hat to the conference. 

What is YOUR favorite blog content to read? Recipes, workouts, rants or recaps? 
 Happy Blogging! Be productive and be an on purpose person today & every day! 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Allied Medal Display WINNER!!

And the winner is..... 

Kristi from EatDrinkLoveandExercise! 

Congrats on winning! Please contact me within 7 days so I can get you your code and you can order your custom hanger! 

Thanks to everyone who entered and good luck to everyone out there going after their goals this running season! 

Thanks a million also to Allied Medal Displays and their generosity! I encourage you to stop in and shop there for all the runners and athletes in your life!

Success Story: Living in Love

I LOVE success stories!!

 I am putting an all call out for success stories of ALL KINDS

Do you have a fitness success story, a weight loss success story or did you move past FEAR in your life to find success and freedom?? Then drop me a email ( and I will post your story here (along with appropriate blog plugging of COURSE!) 

Wendi from Living in Love is up first with her wonderful story of weight-loss and her LOVE of running! Take it away Wendi--

Like most of us who have struggled with weight, I have been working on this for most of my life! I don't have any idea what I weighed in high school, and I certainly wasn't the "fat girl" but I wasn't the tiny cheerleader either. 

 When I had a baby at age 19, however, my body changed and would never be the same. In January of 2002, I started a weight loss program (Weight Watchers if you want to say that) for the first time -- I weighed 198.2.
I will NEVER forget that number. I am 5 feet tall, so that was kind of a big deal. I set a goal of 150, and I reached it that fall. I think I weighed 150 for a week, and then slowly 30 pounds began to creep back on. The before picture here is from June 2006.

In January, 2010 I had a doctor appointment and had to get on the scale, and I was somewhat surprised to see I weighed 180. I knew that I wasn't thin, nor was I very active, but I never thought of myself as fat. I went back to my office after the appointment and signed up for Weight Watchers again! 

In addition to diligently tracking my food intake and working more vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and whole grains into my diet, I also started running...A LOT! I had been in track in high school but was terrible at it! 

Last spring I set out from my apartment (I live in Minneapolis, a great city for runners!) determined to run for a whole hour. I had no idea how far that would be because I’d only done a few 5ks in my life and didn’t know what my per-mile pace was. I  mapped it and it as 5 miles, so the very next day I signed up for my first 10K! 

I ran the Get in Gear 10K, a really popular sort of “first run of the season” for us in the city, in the pouring rain and finished at 1:09.

 I signed up for my first half marathon the next week and kept on training! I ran another 10K in July and set a goal of finishing in an hour or less – and I came in at 1:00:07! I ran the inaugural Minneapolis 13.1 (part of the 13.1 series) in August and finished in 2:11:33. 
In November I traveled to San Antonio to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon with the goal of finishing in 2 hours or less. My official time was 1:59:47! 

Turning into a crazy runner helped me take off 50 pounds in 9 months, and it's certainly helping me maintain a healthy, fit body. At the age of 39, I have more energy and enthusiasm for life than I have ever had, and I am working toward becoming a certified personal trainer so that I can help others feel the way I do.

I continue to run all year long in the freezing cold of Minnesota. On January 1, I ran a resolution 10K and blew the doors off my previous time finishing at 55:19. I could hardly believe it, and I’m pretty sure it was because of the 1 degree temperature that I ran that fast! In 2011 I am running a race in every month except July and will begin training for my first marathon in February. 

I will run it a week before I turn 40 and will finish (God willing) alongside my 25-year old sister who is also one of my best friends and will be doing her first marathon! One of my planned races is the Ragnar Great River race in Minnesota in August. I am not part of a team yet, but I have lots of running friends who will add me to theirs! I can hardly wait! 
I have a feeling I will get bitten by the marathon bug, so I am thinking about registering for the Twin Cities marathon in October. Even if I don't ever want to run another 26.2 again,  this is a race I think I should be able say I completed! 

I thank God every day for my health. I am a new person -- not just a thinner and more active person, but a healthy, vibrant woman! I love myself and am excited about all the new things that are in store for me in this year and beyond!

Thanks Wendi! 
HAVE A GREAT TUESDAY, ENJOY your life and do something exceptional today for someone in your life. Go out of your way to extend kindness! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Success Principles and Balance

I hope everyone out there had a great weekend and have started Monday with a bang and a big cup of ambition! 

My weekend was productive and great, I had a good and mellow Friday night at church and dinner out, the snow had us running late and kept us from getting to a party. The rest of the weekend was errands and work and the art of getting things done. 

One thing about this weekend which was wonderful was the way that I was able to connect with people in my life for different needs. I traded one friend some fabric for a sewing project she was willing to do, another friend came by to take a look at my computer and see what was eating my hard drive.  And today, I am heading to a friends new bike shop to trade in my current winter riding bike for a different one!  It's a really wonderful experience to be able to trade or go to people in your life for those things we need!  I am so grateful for that, it creates ease and creates opportunities to give back to them. 

Speaking of giving back--we can not draw from an empty well.  I sometimes lack balance in my life, in my day to day routine and it is an aspect of life I am tackling head on.  Especially with the start of the new year, work is busy and I am taking on more classes, more clients and the gym is busier. What I don't want to lose is my OWN workout time, my own downtime to read (even industry items) and my own time to refuel by making sure I go to church and read the bible when ever I have a chance.  

I am going to implement what some bloggers do in that they post workouts they have done for accountability sake. It will be in the side bar of the blog and I will update it weekly with what I have done. Tuesday I am planning on taking some time to hammer out the details of what my routines will look like! 

Other than reading Christian living, memoir and some fiction, I really love reading feel good, self help books like this one that was suggested to me: The Success Principles.  Even just skimming through the table of contents I can see this will be a great and probably fast read despite being so hefty! There are chapters like: 

  • Take 100% responsibility for your life
  • See what you want, get what you see
  • Be willing to pay the price
  • Face what isn't working
  • Redefine Time 
When I read through the chapters, I can see that this will be an exciting undertaking in personal growth, finding new kinds of success and hopefully helping to create that balance through clarity for the coming year and years! 

What is the best "self help" book you have read? 
Do you like to take on books about self work and goals? 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Allied Medal Displays GIVEAWAY-CLOSED

When I came back from my marathon with my first marathon medal, I wanted a way to display it! I only have one other race medal, but am hoping to get more this coming year as I get ready for more half marathons and full marathons! I contacted the folks at Allied Medal Displays and they sent me one of their products!! 

I love the quality of the product and the uniqueness of it. The steel is cut with precision brushed so it's very modern looking, it isn't shiny or something you would see in your dads workshop, it's unique and very chic! It's a wonderful way to display your finishers medals! 

They have tons of styles and can even customize for you, but I picked the runner girl against the city scape, since I run all kinds of races and although I love trail running and have run in rural areas, for right now, I am a city girl and a city runner.

 Allied Medal Displays are offering a giveaway for fit this, girl readers so you too can have a  hanger to display your hard earned medals! The best part is, you are winning a $39.00 credit so you can purchase ANY of the displays that you want or use that toward a customized hanger!! 

Check out their website HERE for all the styles!

The contest is open from Wednesday January 12th to Tuesday January 18th at 5pm! Fine print:

This contest is open to those in Canada and the Continental US only, you must have a valid 
email address to win. The Winner will be selected by Comment number using an 
amazing random generating number machine. The winner must contact me within 7days of 
the winning announcement being made. 

Good luck! 

How to enter!
Mandatory entries: 
*Leave all separate comments otherwise the number generator will count all 5 as one. 
It's tedious, but the best way to have the best shot!
1) Become a follower of my blog
2) Leave a comment and leave a comment telling me 
which display you would choose or 
have made ! 

Extra Entries (social media maddness!)
1) Follow me on Twitter Here! Leave a comment that you did
2) Tweet this contest making sure to link to it and @fitthisgirl & leave a comment that you did
3) Become a fan or "like" Fit this girl on FB Here & leave a comment 
that you did 

That's FIVE Chances to enter!
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