Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mini Blogger Conference and Analytics

 Last Friday, I was able to attend a Mini conference of the Minnesota Bloggers Conference where Josh Braaten and Becky Flansburg spoke! 

Josh covered some basic understanding of Google Analytics and Becky talked about Networking. It was a great hour plus packed full of information! 

Our fearless speakers: 

The big items I took away from Becky's talk were: 

Business cards & 60 second elevator speeches. Fantastic information! Have a business card ready to hand people and be able to say what you are about--your blog, your business, what you do--in 60 seconds or less. It's as if you were in an elevator with someone and you only had 60 seconds to get your information to them. It must be clear, catchy and quick! 

I am working on mine!

Josh's talk on Google Analytics was surprisingly informative, witty and fun. He promised it would be, but I didn't believe him and I was wrong. There was a lot to learn from all he said and I came away really wanting to dig into the analytics website at some area's I never looked before and really get an insight into my blog & readership! 

Always start with a question: 

Who are your readers?
Where are they coming from?
What are they reading?
What are they sharing

DO YOU USE Google Analytics? If you do, you should check out Josh's post recapping his whole presentation HERE!  

 On a side note... 

I wore a very cute heart hat to the conference. 

What is YOUR favorite blog content to read? Recipes, workouts, rants or recaps? 
 Happy Blogging! Be productive and be an on purpose person today & every day! 


Kristi said...

I think I take so much away from all kind of blogs. I love finding new recipes to try, or to hear about what a bloggers exercise plan is. I think it's also good to hear rants and recaps so it shows that we all have issues that we need to work on.

April said...

I read a variety of blogs but the ones I read the most are the ones that inspire me to be a better runner or just a better person in general. Your blog does that!
Very cute hat!

jlbraaten said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for attending last week. It's always interesting to hear about a presentation from the perspective of the audience. I'm glad you had fun and found it to be entertaining. GA can be like watching paint dry if it's not at least a little fun.

How much have you found out about your blog since Friday?

Mary said...

I was finding key words for how ppl find me! Strange, but interesting and trying to see top content: recipes, giveaways, and running posts. :)

Dr. TriRunner said...

I love my Google Analytics. It is so informative... and so COOL to see where your readers are coming from!!

My favorite posts of yours are the workouts!

FranticMommy said...

Hi Mary! I just found this. Thanks for the mention and I am so glad you came! :)
Becky (Franticmommy)

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