Monday, January 17, 2011

Success Principles and Balance

I hope everyone out there had a great weekend and have started Monday with a bang and a big cup of ambition! 

My weekend was productive and great, I had a good and mellow Friday night at church and dinner out, the snow had us running late and kept us from getting to a party. The rest of the weekend was errands and work and the art of getting things done. 

One thing about this weekend which was wonderful was the way that I was able to connect with people in my life for different needs. I traded one friend some fabric for a sewing project she was willing to do, another friend came by to take a look at my computer and see what was eating my hard drive.  And today, I am heading to a friends new bike shop to trade in my current winter riding bike for a different one!  It's a really wonderful experience to be able to trade or go to people in your life for those things we need!  I am so grateful for that, it creates ease and creates opportunities to give back to them. 

Speaking of giving back--we can not draw from an empty well.  I sometimes lack balance in my life, in my day to day routine and it is an aspect of life I am tackling head on.  Especially with the start of the new year, work is busy and I am taking on more classes, more clients and the gym is busier. What I don't want to lose is my OWN workout time, my own downtime to read (even industry items) and my own time to refuel by making sure I go to church and read the bible when ever I have a chance.  

I am going to implement what some bloggers do in that they post workouts they have done for accountability sake. It will be in the side bar of the blog and I will update it weekly with what I have done. Tuesday I am planning on taking some time to hammer out the details of what my routines will look like! 

Other than reading Christian living, memoir and some fiction, I really love reading feel good, self help books like this one that was suggested to me: The Success Principles.  Even just skimming through the table of contents I can see this will be a great and probably fast read despite being so hefty! There are chapters like: 

  • Take 100% responsibility for your life
  • See what you want, get what you see
  • Be willing to pay the price
  • Face what isn't working
  • Redefine Time 
When I read through the chapters, I can see that this will be an exciting undertaking in personal growth, finding new kinds of success and hopefully helping to create that balance through clarity for the coming year and years! 

What is the best "self help" book you have read? 
Do you like to take on books about self work and goals? 


Kristi said...

I love self help books. I'm not sure which one is the best, but I'm always looking for books that inspire me or helo me oragnize my life a little better.

Julie said...

The Success Principles is like my bible...well...after my bible! I love love love Jack Canfield. John Maxwell is another favorite in this genre.

I hope you enjoy your new book!

Ann said...

That book sounds awesome!! I love the 7 Habits books, which include principles like "start with the end in mind" and "circle of control/circle of concern."

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Mary this is Anonymous. Been gone a few months. My favorite self-help book is portions of your blog to be honest and a quote from Tony Robbins: Action is the foundational key to all success.

Happy New Year.


Mary said...

@Julie: the person who reccomended this book said it was like their bible too! I am excited!

@Ann 7 Habits is a Great book!

@Annon--wow, thank you so much! I just love encouraging people and working on motivating myself at the same time-win-win!

Dr. TriRunner said...

by far my best self help book is the bible!!

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