Saturday, March 26, 2011

A WINNER & your St. Patricks Day Pics!

Congrats to Kerri from Kat's Adventures in Dietland for winning The Freak Factor book by author Dave Rendall! Email me with your mailing address and get ready to use your weakness to your uniqueness!

St. Patty's Day Race pics! You guys ROCK--like a shamrock! Congrats to everyone who ran over the green holiday, here are a few of your awesome pics!

Katie at Run for the Bikini!

Tina at the Get Lucky 7k!

Ann (on the right) at the 100% Irish for a day

Megan at the Tour de Village 5k


Even the smallest effort on our parts can spark inspiration for others. And inspiration causes a chain reaction--others around you get the urge to change to. To push to a new level, to try new things, to be something different.

Do you know that only about 1% of people ACT from inspiration?? So, if 100 people see these pictures of you AMAZING girls running and racing, ONE person will act out of that inspiration and run or race themselves. 1%!?!? Isn't that astonishing!! Let's be in that 1%--be inspiring to others, act when you are inspired and start a CHANGE reaction!!

Thanks to the readers who sent photo's and took part! Happy Running!!


tinamorey44 said...

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Katie said...

Thanks for posting my pic! Love what you wrote about inspiring others and acting on inspiration :)

Megan said...

Thanks for posting my picture. Hope you're having a GREAT weekend!!!

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