Friday, April 29, 2011

Change of Plans

Life is FULL of changes to the plans we make. 

I make plans, life happens, things get shifted, God steers me around a corner and life looks vastly different yesterday than the day before. 

In the past, I haven't been so kind on myself when life changes my plans. I have white knuckled it through some situations I didn't have to, I made my own life even harder, I chose to fight when it was perfectly ok to say, "I am going to roll with the changes instead."

Again, life looks vastly different than the day before, but beautiful at the same time. Even with a painful week and a half behind me, life is SO good. God is SO good.  Besides, vastly different isn't always bad. 

Right now, it's not really how I planned on my life looking, but there are SO many situations in life that look BETTER than expected: business is booming, I am growing, I have a ton of fun events coming up, spring is here, friends and family are grand...  God is ever present and showing up. 

I have to say, my little plan of expecting amazing things to happen, of LOOKING to be blessed has opened a floodgate.  I have experienced more blessing and favor in the last two weeks than I can ever remember and I am finding JOY in sowing out back into my life. 

I have always wanted to be in a pic like this... 

Med City Marathon Switch

I am running the HALF marathon for Med City, coming up at the end of May. I planned on the full marathon for my second, but am behind on training (life getting in the way) and should be tapering from an 18 miler... that ain't happening. I could just let pride step up and train my best over the next month and do the full marathon. I blogged about it, I feel accountable to do it. But I don't want to have a bad experience, get injured or do something half way just because I said I was going to.  

So instead of the full, I am doing the Half! I love the half marathon distance and it will still be a special race and course because I will make it that way. Where I am now with my running, doing the half will be the best race for me!  No pressure, no worries and no forcing myself to "keep my word" at the cost of injury. There will be other full marathons I can kick butt at. 

Sad Blog & NYC
I'll say it, my blog lately has been SAD. Maybe it was because I felt sad, or when I came to my blog, I would sit and stare at the white screen and then get up and do something else. I didn't have anything to say, no runs to talk about, I was sad about my break-up and dealing with that. So when I look at the posts over the last 2 weeks, they seem to fall so FLAT. Pffft. 

Then a little bird reminded me:

So I am going to be awesome and that includes....My Mom and I meeting my Brother from Germany in New York City NEXT WEEKEND!  I have never been to NYC and am SO thrilled. We will be there for 4 full days, I am sure it will be amazing and overwhelming and wonderful. There are a ton of things we are going to try and do, what is YOUR fave thing to do in NYC?? 

Thanks for listening to me rant a little, encourage myself and thanks for reading you guys! 

Have a GREAT Friday!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The catch all post

First, congrats to Congrats to Jeanne at as she won the Gym Boss Interval Trainer! Way to go Jeanne--you should get it this week! 


So, I have been quiet on the blog and on twitter this past week. There are a few reasons, the first is work, the second is my lack of running and the third, a little rain fell in my life. 

I work as a resident manager at my apartment building and it was a very busy past week. I show apartments, schedule vendors, do the leasing and handle tenant concerns and filter requests. Spring has been BUSY, but that is good, I filled a ton of vacancy in the past 2 months.  This is what I do from home, in addition to my training I do at "work" and the training I do on my own, with my personal clients. I am working on getting a more set schedule in place, so that I am not working sporatic hours from 7 am to 10 pm. I need a hunk of time for myself.  

Training dilemma
Speaking of training, I have been neglecting my training. I will decide this week, if I am indeed going to do my end of May marathon. I may swap out distances if I can, but it's in 6 weeks and I don't know if I can salvage my training. With 2+ jobs,  and my freelance writing, I was not dedicating the time needed to training, so now I am in a place where I have to choose. 
What is the shortest time you have taken to train for a long race? I know some people who habe jumped in and done a marathon on very short notice! 

Easter was a good Day!  
I went to church with Dad, had a nice lunch with him and then headed over to LA's house and had SECOND dinner with her and guy! Things got goofy! It was an amazing meal! 

Garlic Green beans, glazed ham and au gratin potatoes! SO good! 

I sported a BRIGHT yellow dress and high heels to church, this is the ONLY color yellow I can wear and I love it. (OH, I will be posting my second color analysis post this week, promise.) 

Expectancy Pt. 2
Last week I talked about expecting good things to happen, about watching for favor, about anticipating those around you to act a certain way. What about when a little rain falls? I mean, it does, just because we are positive and expect good to happen, doesn't mean that a little rain will fall, or a lot.  

But I belive it's all how we see it. Rain is rain, but we can chose to carry a bright umbrella. (don't get me wrong, some rain is cold, hard and lasts a long time... trials put us through fire, but will refine us like gold...) 

Perspective. Is it rain that will drown out your dreams, rain out your game, make your plans soggy?? 
Or is it rain that will make things grow, bring NEW life from the dark dirt and wash away the dust and the gray of the day? 

Growing isn't easy, it's hard. To grow, requires change. Buds have to open, butterflys have to evolve and baby eagles get TOSSED from the next to grow up and take flight. 

 New Life has to PUSH it's way through the dark dirt, packed down and reach for the sky. Every blade of grass has to push it's way up on it's own, but it's a journey well worth it to sit in the sun. 

We often can't see the rainbow for the rain, we can't often see that things will smell fresh and look new once the rain has stopped. We are so focused on the rain, we miss the beauty that it brings and even leaves behind. 

You won't be seeing any more pictures of my sweetheart on the blog. I introduced him kind of quietly as we were growing and creating as we went through the relationship, but just as quiet as I slipped him in, he slipped out. He was the most amazing relationship I have ever had, I learned so much, I grew tremendously and took a risk, knowing what was at stake. My rainbow is knowing that as good as he was for me, the only next step is forward. 

I will not buy chocolate, put Titanic in the DVD player on purpose and wallow on the couch, living in the past. Am I thinking of him? Yes of course. Did I cry? Heck yes. Do I miss him? Yes yes. Can I do anything about how he feels? Sadly, no. Can I do anything about how I react? YES. I chose to believe GOD has good plans for me and a bright future, I am only moving forward. 

So, that's reason #3 I was a little quiet. I have a brand new week ahead of me and a TON of projects to do and things to occupy my time. Hopefully talking with you guys more here will be part of that--have a bright week, even if you have rain fall. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekend Recap: Expectacy

Hey you guys! If you haven't already noticed, you need to RE-COMMENT on my Gym Boss Giveaway! Do that here!
Welcome to Tuesday--already!

Whew! What a weekend!  I spent the weekend with my Mom doing a lot of church stuff--there were special speakers all weekend. It was a great weekend of enjoying her company, being centered and I learned SO much! 

The speakers were Jerry and Carolyn Savelle and each spoke on hearing God and living in the fullness of God--just exactly what the Dr. ordered for me! 

All dressed up at Church! 

Mom and I also watched a 1942 Cary Grant movie called Talk of the Town, it was SO good. I tell ya, if I didn't already have a leading man in my life, Cary would be IT. 

I was VERY excited to have brought home a number of outfits that were NEW from my color analysis! Even on my days off, I spend so much time in workout clothes, it's a real treat to be able to dress up! Here are two: 


Not only were there special speakers to enjoy this weekend, but the whole weekend was special. I learned a lot, gained some new insight into God's love for me and garnered some renewed hope in his plan for my life. 

I am moving in a few wonderful directions, not really new (one of them is new) and am really excited about the road ahead--I was reminded to expect GOOD things. I was reminded to be looking for blessings. I was reminded to live everyday, knowing God loves me and is searching for ways to bless me. Expectancy. 

What do YOU expect? Do you expect your job to be the same day in and day out? Do you expect not to be able to lift that much or run that fast or that far? Do you expect people to continue to treat you poorly? What are you LOOKING FOR? 

Today, do NOT notice people wearing red. What ever you do, don't see people in red, anywhere. Chances are you will see it everywhere. Why? Because I put it in your head. 

Now, go into work expecting your boss to praise you, your co-workers to go out of their way for you. Go to the gym expecting a great workout, a free machine, a spot in your favorite class. Pick up your project at home expecting to work out the kinks, get it done fast and find the answers you need... Soon, you will see that expectancy lends itself to manifestation. 

So, I am living in expectancy this week, this month, THIS YEAR! Good things are all around me and amazing opportunities are coming into my day to day routine, already this week, I have noticed a marked change because of it.  

If you are open and expecting good things, you will be ready to see and seize the opportunity to CREATE good when it comes by. 

Keep your eyes open, sometimes the opportunities are disguised and sometimes they are only a few moments long. Amazing things will happen to you. 

Live in Expectancy !! 

So true, thanks Conan! and thanks Bits of Truth!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gym Boss: Interval trainer GIVEAWAY

* DUE TO A TECHNICAL ERROR WITH COMMENTS, THIS giveaway will run from SUNDAY, Thursday April 147h through FRIDAY April 22nd. Please RECOMMENT to enter! 

No, not like Fitzgerald, he's not the boss of me.
I am talking about GYM Boss interval timer.
Gym Boss was nice enough to send me TWO of their Interval Timers, one to try out and one to GIVEAWAY!

The Gym Boss Interval Timer is Purrfect for:

High Intensity Interval Training
boot camps
Pictionary (wha??)
Kettle bells
Core conditioning
Cross Fit-- you name it!!

The timer itself is small, with a clip for your shirt, belt, shorts, clipboard, where ever you need! It's easy to use, even for ME, I am the person who can't hook up a VCR without a man to help me (Lord help me, I know). But the Gym Boss has the instructions ON the back, just in case I forget. Super. Simple.

Just set it and forget it!
I used it for Tabata in my boot camp class this week and although the participants might have been hating me, I was loving the Gym Boss.

No fumbling with my wrist watch
No being a few seconds off
No forgetting to rest or going to long
No worrying about hanging a stop watch around my neck
Just set it and forget it...

Totally Boss: The Gym Boss
(yes, they sent it to me, but no they didn't force me to say that!)
Do you want one?
Do you want a sweet hot PINK one like pictured?

You're in LUCK! That's what I have to giveaway. New, in the box, just add a AAA battery and you are set. How to Enter:

Mandatory Entry
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Good Luck!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Color Analysis & Wardrobe Pt. 1

 Happy Friday! Today I am heading to work to workout and teach a free Kettle bell class! AND I am going to get an upper body workout in for myself, run and visit my Mom. A full weekend!

 Color Analysis: Pt. 1
I did not know what to expect when I "got my colors done" two weeks ago! I was nervous and KNEW that there were many things with in the scope of what I was wearing and purchasing that were going to be wrong for me. I didn't need a professional to tell me that, I needed them to help me SEE what those things were and help train my eye on what I should wear. 

I am a Winter: 
Which means I should be wearing blue tones & cool tones, not warm tones. My hair and eye color tend to contrast with my skin tone, so wearing more intense colors suits me--go figure! Many of my favorite shirts are bright pinks and bright blues and I have quite a few, but there were many problem pieces and I had to start with seeing why: 

Yellows, greens, browns make me Look sallow, tired and sick:

No, I am not going to barf on you, yes, I look like I got punched, but its the olive color I am wearing. Blues and greens are the hardest for me to see, but this picture really shows how the wrong color can make you look less than your best.
My analyst, which is my sweethearts Mom, Dottie, came armed with an arsenal of "swatches" to drape over me in natural light. We had a ton of fun with it, but It was a challenge for me to "see" what these different colors were doing for me.

Jeweled tone colors make my skin and hair brighter and will draw out a little more color in my cheeks: this deeper, blue based green is better: 

Bright blue, what my color analyst called Chinese turquoise is certainly my color.  

My ANCHOR color? 
REALLY? It's so...surly! 
I am such a sunny person, but what black does for me is make my hair blacker, my skin clearer and makes everything else I am wearing (blues, clears, jewels) POP and seem more intense which is what a winter with skin like mine wants. So, bring on the black.   
Swatch crazy, a little chocolate was involved too...

Dottie had a great book along with her, which I would recommend to anyone, and it's not just for an older generation--we all want to look younger! If I can take 5-10 years off by wearing the right colors, why NOT! I just want to make sure I don't look "young", sophisticated, but youthful.

My must wears: 
  • Cool tones
  • blue tones
  • jewel tones 
  • small prints
  • fabric with a sheen or shimmer
  • silver accessories
  • small belts
  • smokey eye shadows
  • rose or red hue lipstick
  • bright colors, clear colors 
  • shirts, scarves, jewelry that flow and elongate--anything I tie mid trunk or at my waist creates a break and makes me look shorter! 
It's especially important to wear your right color near your face--you always want to draw the attention up toward your face so that is the first thing people notice! Dottie was an art major too, so had a ton of great advice based on what colors draw the eye where!

When you pass someone on the street, ask yourself--"what is the first thing I saw, HER or her dress? Which would you have people see first? YOU want people to notice YOU, not your dress.Right.

Also, when looking at a piece of clothing, ask yourself this: "what color do I see first?" If that color is in your palette, then it's a good piece for you! 

We pulled my WHOLE  closet apart and went through it piece by piece based on color and I got some advice on how to wear borderline pieces to make them work for me!

The first round I got rid of: The whole pile was pale, yellowy hued and I was surprised at how EASY it was to let these pieces go--why?? The clothes I LOVED and wore the most were the ones staying in my closet--chances are I wore them most and loved them because they worked for me and without even knowing it, I felt more confident and comfortable in them because of it. Funny how our mind works.

I literally got a palette from Dottie to carry with me when I shop and compare colors! 
At first I thought it would be limiting for me when shopping, but after that first afternoon, I could see that really it opened shopping up and made things so easy. I just had to scan the stores for my colors and everything else I could steer clear of. Easy!  

This shirt and silver necklace combo is a perfect example of colors in my palette, using silver the right way and a shirt that has a satin sheen to it. All of it perfect, but the pattern is a little large for my small frame! No worries, I am learning as I go, but this one I bought independently of Dottie--my first purchase on my own! 

Part TWO next week on the shopping outing, what I brought home MORE of what I unloaded and a little fun when we were done!

Do you know your season or what colors to wear? 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mile repeats: an afternoon outside!

Hello out there! I hope you guys are lovin' life and keeping yourself MOVIN' forward! 

I ran some mile repeats this afternoon and am pretty happy with the times! 

Doing workouts like these, tempo runs and any kind of speed work, sprints or plyo's makes such a vast difference in how I feel and how I perform in any race distance. 

It was a quick 4 miles, I had to get home for a conference call. Still I always run out of gas on my last mile, there is something about that knowing I am on my last leg and done where I feel I can let it slide a little. Shame! :)

7:45 mile 1
7:33 mile 2
7:42 mile 3 
8:32 mile 4

I ran in a tank AND shorts, Mn was nearly 70 degrees today! 

I came in, had a 2 hour conference call for training as I work toward my Intrinsic Coaching certification! It's a bit of a challenge to sit in on a conference call, be present and really concentrate and take part when I am at home! No writing, FBing, no cleaning or cooking...oof. 

It's a challenge that is well worth it though, the training is really helping me understand how to coach others toward their best thinking and toward an understanding of how to change our thinking for good and find workable solutions to problems and paths to goals!  

I said I was going to do it and I DID! Rooftop Yoga is BACK! 

The mandatory cheesy pose AND 
a downward dog pose. 


I don't know a huge amount of yoga poses, but I know enough to get a good 25-30 min of stretching and moving through poses. It was SO nice outside on the rooftop deck and a nice away to take 30 minutes to just unwind and feel good.  

I refueled after my active afternoon outside with an organic Matthews Burrito and fresh Pico de Gallo! Then it was off to work to teach and train. 

How has the weather been where you are?? It's be wonderful here... I can't wait for more of it! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

The long run & doing your best

The weekend was GRAND.

Grand I tell you. I didn't do half of what I "should" have, but as my sweetheart would say, I need to stop should-ing on myself! I had a great time enjoying life, having some downtime, shopping with my color analyst and working on my training.

Coming THIS week: blog posts on my color analysis and shopping for a wardrobe with sweethearts mom. It was a blast and I will spill in full detail (2 parts) what I learned and what happened.

The long Run
I was slated to run a 14 miler this weekend, but ended up doing 12 in 2 hours. I felt great when I headed out. I had slept in and went to work for a few hours and then came home, ate and took a little cat nap! I got up to run and was nervous about a long run, but felt good. 

My new workout hat! 

I stopped at the Co-op for some shot blocks and knew that my tummy was off. I figured it would go away or even out, but it just kept bothering me. Not enough to stop or go home, but enough that I took the run nice and easy and cut it about 2 miles short. 

My pace is a little light for me, some of my miles slower than I would like, but I was feeling bad, so I am not going to sweat it. Today's run was about getting those miles in, not how fast I was doing it. Some people have tummy issues after long runs, but today I felt sick within the first block. Usually I don't feel too sick or wiped after a long run, today I was just off. 

Do you feel sick after really long runs or hard exercise? 

 I came home, soaked in a bubble and Epsom salt bath, foam rolled and at a huge bowl of Pasta, zucchini, olives, onions and cheese, refueling is FUN! 

Doing your best

Life is so interesting at times! 
As we go through ALL that life has to offer, we can be our BEST person when we see situations as learning experiences and know that things that happen are not about US. Doing this, we can come away with so much. 

When I am in a growing season of life, which is often, sometimes I feel like saying "one thing at a time, I am doing my best!" And that is OK to feel that way! Personal growth doesn't happen overnight. Weight loss doesn't happen over night. Running a marathon doesn't happen over night. These are ALL made up of small steps creating a whole experience. It's the best we can do some days to handle what we have, learn from it and get up to do our best again tomorrow. 

A few keys on doing our best: 

1) Realistic goals: 
Make sure that your goals are workable and realistic. If you work two jobs and go to school, you may not have time to dedicate to training for a race the way you want. Pick a shorter schedule and give yourself permission to do your best training 3 days a week, not 5. This way you set yourself up to succeed! 

2) Self love: 
Be kind to yourself when you feel overwhelmed with ALL there is to accomplish in life. Remember, you are right where you are supposed to be and your journey is unique. It and you are not like anyone else, so remind yourself daily of that as you breathe in and do your best. 

3) Small steps daily
When you are working toward a goal, you need to take small steps everyday to move forward. As you do one, two or three little things daily to reach your goal, you will feel successful, productive and will create MOMENTUM to move forward! We always want to be moving forward, so take small steps, no matter how small they feel, they are forward. 

4) Right place, right time, right people
Often, the key to being or doing our best is to be around OTHERS who are the people we admire, want to be like or have achieved what we want. Attitudes are contagious, we have to be in the "rights" to catch the right one and experience that run off of others success. Ask for help to be in the "rights" daily. I pray for my steps to be guided and daily say, that I am in the "rights": the right place at the right time & around the right people. 

Other weekend FUN: 
My sweetheart and I went to church and made dinner. He makes the best tofu for stir fry. I am so blessed to have a man in my life that is joyful, believing, ambitious and has fun with life. Time with him is always new and rewarding! 

Stir fry: 
Tofu, carrots, broccoli, pea pods, onions, peppers, pineapple and cashews. 
So good--thank goodness for left overs!! 

What did you do this weekend that was fun? 

What do you do to aim for being your best self? 

By the way, welcome to new readers! Please pop in the comments or drop me a line and say hello!

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