Friday, April 29, 2011

Change of Plans

Life is FULL of changes to the plans we make. 

I make plans, life happens, things get shifted, God steers me around a corner and life looks vastly different yesterday than the day before. 

In the past, I haven't been so kind on myself when life changes my plans. I have white knuckled it through some situations I didn't have to, I made my own life even harder, I chose to fight when it was perfectly ok to say, "I am going to roll with the changes instead."

Again, life looks vastly different than the day before, but beautiful at the same time. Even with a painful week and a half behind me, life is SO good. God is SO good.  Besides, vastly different isn't always bad. 

Right now, it's not really how I planned on my life looking, but there are SO many situations in life that look BETTER than expected: business is booming, I am growing, I have a ton of fun events coming up, spring is here, friends and family are grand...  God is ever present and showing up. 

I have to say, my little plan of expecting amazing things to happen, of LOOKING to be blessed has opened a floodgate.  I have experienced more blessing and favor in the last two weeks than I can ever remember and I am finding JOY in sowing out back into my life. 

I have always wanted to be in a pic like this... 

Med City Marathon Switch

I am running the HALF marathon for Med City, coming up at the end of May. I planned on the full marathon for my second, but am behind on training (life getting in the way) and should be tapering from an 18 miler... that ain't happening. I could just let pride step up and train my best over the next month and do the full marathon. I blogged about it, I feel accountable to do it. But I don't want to have a bad experience, get injured or do something half way just because I said I was going to.  

So instead of the full, I am doing the Half! I love the half marathon distance and it will still be a special race and course because I will make it that way. Where I am now with my running, doing the half will be the best race for me!  No pressure, no worries and no forcing myself to "keep my word" at the cost of injury. There will be other full marathons I can kick butt at. 

Sad Blog & NYC
I'll say it, my blog lately has been SAD. Maybe it was because I felt sad, or when I came to my blog, I would sit and stare at the white screen and then get up and do something else. I didn't have anything to say, no runs to talk about, I was sad about my break-up and dealing with that. So when I look at the posts over the last 2 weeks, they seem to fall so FLAT. Pffft. 

Then a little bird reminded me:

So I am going to be awesome and that includes....My Mom and I meeting my Brother from Germany in New York City NEXT WEEKEND!  I have never been to NYC and am SO thrilled. We will be there for 4 full days, I am sure it will be amazing and overwhelming and wonderful. There are a ton of things we are going to try and do, what is YOUR fave thing to do in NYC?? 

Thanks for listening to me rant a little, encourage myself and thanks for reading you guys! 

Have a GREAT Friday!


Kris said...

When you are in New York, just take a moment, to take it in. It is cheesy, but feel the city, feel the energy. I grew up on the east coast before moving to Minneapolis, and each city I go to has its own rhythm and feel. Philadelphia, New York, San Fransisco, Anchorage, Saint Louis, Minneapolis, St Paul, each one has a heart beat, take a moment and feel it.
It really is an amazing city to just walk around, there is SO MUCH to take in.
I have vivid memories of sitting in the village having a slice of pizza watching the bustle of everyone move around, sitting in a starbucks as a teenager before catching a broadway show with my mom, and I clearly remember how the city felt and smelled one month after 9-11 when I visited ground zero.

I know you will just have an AMAZING time!

Megan said...

I've always wanted to go to NYC, so I hope you have a GREAT time! The only time I was remotely close I was in West Point, NY area for work and took a trip into the city just to see the Statue of Liberty. She did not disappoint. :)

PS - Have fun with the half! I know you are making the right decision, and you'll do great. :)

Mellissa said...

My favorite thing to do in any city is just walk around and experience the whole city. Walk aimlessly, stop when you want to and people watch.

Kristi said...

I think blogs pretty much reflect what is going on in our life. If your going through a sad time, your blog is going to be somewhat sad, but that is what we are hear for. To offer our ears and our support.
Have fun in NYC! I've only been there twice.

Sarah - Fat Little Legs said...

I REALLY REALLY needed that quote today... here's to awesomeness!

Ann said...

I love your blog today. So jelly of your trip to NYC. So fortunate to know you. :) That is all.

Carly said...

You have such great attitude! I think you are smart for changing to the half marathon. I have a half and a full on the book for this year and I am already behind. boo!

I love NYC. I have only been there one time but is one of my favorite places on earth! I didn't do much while I was there except walk and eat. ha!

Lindsey said...

Just found your blog - love it! Excited to follow. :)

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