Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Midweek miles

There I was sitting in my shorts, my Nikes, my bondi band, ready to go run.  I was SO excited, it was right over the lunch hour and I knew that the lakes would be teeming with people and life! Other people out being active and enjoying the GREAT weather, I was SO excited for my midweek miles. 

Today I did 8 miles, it's only a week and a half to my Med City half Marathon!! It was SO nice outside, I don't know how long the run took me, I am sure it was average, but today  I didn't care, I wanted the sun, my ipod and the pavement...that is all! I think I may just make my every Wednesday run and 8 miler... 

It was HOT for a spring day, but we are pushing June. Still I was a rock lobster when I got home (sweet Bondi band right?)

I felt strong, I worked on my form: mid foot strike at least with a slight lean forward. It was a great day and it was a run I needed to do. I have been running almost daily and lifting consistently! I started a new routine last week and have one full week completed! I think I will really like it, I am going to be outlining it for you tomorrow. 

Being consistent is SO key, I talk about that over and over. As long as we aim for consistency, then little errors won't be errors, they will just be inconsistencies we need to put our arm around and bring back into the fold. 

In the meantime--what is your favorite GLUTE exercise? I am working on mine always love new ideas--share away, how do you make your glutes salute? (I just really badly wanted to say that!       

Go, run, DO! 

Have a wonderful day everyone and remember-- Do one thing everyday to get you closer to your goal!! 

"Have a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires, a touch that never hurts." -Charles Dickens 

3 comments: said...

Thanks for the reminder about the people on the couch. As I get ready to do my first 5k, knowing now after talking to my doctors that running is aparently a very bad idea for me, I can still walk it, I was feeling more and more like what is the point.

Hope you continue to enjoy this lovely weather! :D

Katie said...

I'm a big lunge fan especially in the form of jumping lunges, also running stairs! I've been doing lots of sumo squats as well thanks to BodyRock.

Love the poster quote :D

Megan said...

Love the poster and the bondi band. And hooray for lunchtime running! I do that, too, but it is starting to get too hot for me to keep running outside (boo!). So it will turn into treadmill at lunch for me for a while, but that's OK. Still lapping those people sitting on the couch. :)

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