Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend Oats, actions and sales!

Happy Tuesday-- hope your having a great day!! 

Someones sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
-Warren Buffett

I am very aware this week of what my actions mean. I believe that everything we do matters, to ourselves, to others, to people we don't even know. Today If I can take action in some situation, why wait? If I have a goal in front of me and my actions that I choose to take can bring me closer to the goal, I want to step forward and reach out to take it!  

I see within situations that come up and go by, often I fail to act, or I should say, act mindfully. I suppose by inaction, I am choosing to act in one way, but not the way I want! I do what I have always done, I do what is comfortable, I do what is my initial reaction, instead of pausing, taking a moment to look at the situation, see the path I want and move forward. 

Whether it's how I respond to a family member, or what I grab to eat when I am on the go,  it's a practice and a process and I am just really aware of it this week. I am going to work on being consistent in pausing and assessing my best action, response or choice before I act. Making every moment count for the best and toward my goal. 
 Do you ever feel the same way? 

Better Oats
I LOVE better Oats--their Oat revolution comes in a package of 5 and in a ton of great flavors! Lately I have been consistent in measuring out my regular oats, but the on the go packets are still a nice staple and Better Oats does a great job of keeping their packaging minimal and their product natural and tasty! 

Their packaging also doubles as a built in measuring cup "pouch". You empty the oats into the bowl and then fill it with water to measure out! I loved this! It was super easy and really added value to the already inexpensive oats! 

Have you tried them yet? I LOVED mine with cashews and raisins, SO good and filling. Believe it or not, I eat these mostly as a snack or even as lunch! 

Garage Sale: 

I had a weekend garage sale with a few other bloggers, Mary Minneapolis Health Coach and Kim who writes at Affairs of Living, a great Gluten Free blog! 
It was a a great rainy weekend sale, but we still rocked it out and had huge success! 

a garage sale in a REAL garage! 

Some of the goods! 

The neighbors brought over some homemade soup to warm us up at the rainy sale, it was SO amazing, and that green stuff? Watercress...I need to start cooking with watercress! Thank you SO much to Molly and Garrick for bringing it over and making our day! 

Sitting outside with these great gals for a day and a half really paid off, we cleaned up, got rid of JUNK and had a ton of fun talking! We did some swapping to, clothing for clothing, and I am happy to say I only came home with 5 items! That is only 3 over what I said--not bad! 

Do you garage sale? Do you host sales? Do you think it's worth your time with all the work? 
I am SO excited, this weekend is my Med City Half Marathon! 


Mellissa said...

I love that brand of oats, easier for me to eat at work. The sugar content is pretty low too.

Chubby McGee said...

This post is awesome. I love your can-do, positive thoughts. I, too, feel that everything I do is important to everyone around me. I wish more people thought that way! I bet the world would be a happier, brighter place. ;)

And thanks for the "cashews & raisins" idea! BRILLIANT! I'm hoppin' on that bandwagon ASAP.

Kristi said...

I love garage sales.. having them and going to them. I think it's definitely worth the time. If I could make a few bucks on some items that I just don't want to get rid of then that's great.

Carly said...

Our sale stunk! We made $90. LOL. I will never do one again.

I am glad you guys had a great one even with the rain.

Whitney said...

I just picked up some of these Oatmeals last week. They were on sale for $1 per box of 5 and the flavors sounded yummy. Congrats on a good garage sale!

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