Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No More Moderation

Happy Tuesday!! 
Hope you are feeling blessed and bright today!! 

So, this blog post was spurned by a conversation I was having with my Mom on Sunday. I had just come from the gym where my workout, which was back and legs with some core in between, took about 2 hours. I was actually feeling kind of odd spending THAT much time on just a few muscle groups, but am working on a strategy and toward a goal. 

Do you know the difference between a strategy and a goal? 
Most people think that getting to the gym, losing 10 pounds and gaining strength is their GOAL. But really they are strategies that will bring them to a place they really want to be. Confident, able to hike with their spouse, able to keep golfing, able to build their dream home. Those are the real goals. 

Anyway, my goal is (in case you missed it, I slipped a new goal in a few weeks ago) to do a fitness or figure competition. It will take a huge amount of discipline, faith and hard work, I just really want to see if I can do that. I want to see how much my body really can do when pushed. There is of course another goal in my work at it, but that is why I changed up my workout, my "strategy." 

As I was coming home from the gym, I was thinking that I used to spend HOURS on weekends, drinking, doing nothing and sitting in bars. I used to spend whole nights just wasting away and getting wasted, moderation was NOT for me. And moderation is still not my strong suit but one is better than the other and at least the gym is GOOD for me! I love it, I am working toward my goal and it's a healthy habit--its the same with my faith! 

The thing is when I start seeing RESULTS the more I want to workout. During that 2 hour workout, a member said, "You really push yourself, don't you" and I said, "I didn't used to. I used to float through workouts and runs. I don't always want to, but when I am done I am always glad I did, because I like the results." 

I want to live a life of No More Moderation
I want more of the gym, more results! When it comes to my faith, I don't want moderation either. I don't want to be the Christian who floats through the week, just getting by, praying that I make it to payday, the weekend, through the next trial. NO! 

A young King David RAN TOWARD the giant Goliath 
and I want to run at full speed, STEP up and face my giants! I don't want moderation in my Faith walk, not after having a taste of what the real thing is like! When you work your triceps for a month and then one day, you get that little wink from one, you see that muscle tone, you can go up in weight...that kind of result will make you come back, it will push you forward to lift more. 

Once I got a taste of an empowered faith walk, really digging into the bible, learning who Jesus is, who he made me to be and all he empowers me to do, I see THOSE results and I want to crank my Christian life up to 11 and see more and more results. 

What results are you seeing & loving? If you don't like your results- shake things up, do something new, try a different approach and take a RISK! 

Toss moderation out the window and then follow it with a leap of faith! Go farther, faster, forget what people think, how you feel or your fears... No More Moderation! 


Dr. TriRunner said...

I love the David and Goliath analogy... awesome!!

One thing that I think really helps me stay committed to my goals is defining WHY I want it, and separating out what the intrinsic/extrinsic motivators are that keep me going. For example, one of my goals is to work back to competing at the marathon distance. Extrinsically, I miss my marathon buddies and their companionship during long runs. But intrinsically, my long runs were my biggest time to connect with God. Obviously I can still hang out with that social group and still connect with God outside of running, but for me, it combines my passions and is so fulfilling!

SORRY. Novel. Good post!!

Alyssa said...

Not IF you can do it, Mar. Remember? WHEN you do it! ;) I'll be there cheering you on at the competition! ;)

Kerri O said...

LOVE, love, love this. SO needed it today! Thank you.

C said...

Great post!! I REALLY needed this!! Thank you for being so positive!

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