Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three things Thursday

Hey lovelies! Here's to Thursday, here's to a long week winding down and here's to YOU, a three things Thursday that is timely and random. Go figure. 

1) I am not taking enough time for myself. 
I have once again, put too many things, projects, stuff on my plate and am feeling the SQUEEZE. I need a few days to get my ducks in a row, a few days without ringing phones, emails and people needing things from me. Yesterday was one of those days when the squeeze manifests itself. Things slipped through the cracks and I was not on my game. Too bad, because in my game, you need to be ON. 
But I am listening to the Lord and following his prompting. What is most important, which direction will he have me lean and then wean away the rest?? I am going to be kind to myself this weekend. Get a little more clear on somethings and then get a manicure. 

2) There is a little piece of chocolate at my local co-op good enough to walk 4 blocks for at 9:30 at night. It's called a Salty Dog Bite. Well, I was walking home from going and getting a little Salty Dog Bite when two guys who are moving junk from an apt to the curb and ask if I need anything. They specifically ask if I need a modem. 

No, I say, but would take a wireless router if you have one. "Sure thing!" They said and 3 minutes later, they hand me a router and even told me how to set it up! Living in expectancy of blessing...the only way to go!

3) I am starting my Ragnar Relay training as of July! Can you believe we are in JULY?? 
Where has the time gone? I am excited to have a race schedule and training schedule again, but I am thinking about my first point again--time! Running, lifting, working... Time to fit it all in will be a supernatural feat! But that's ok, I am expecting it! Training for this race is the first of two big races I am doing this year...I have pared down quite a bit, but both are big and exciting. Check out FTG next week for an announcement! 

Let's do this--list THREE things this Thursday that you are thankful for!! 

HAVE a great Thursday! 

1 comment:

Emily faliLV said...

Is youe co-op Mississippi Market? My brother used to work there, and I loved visiting when I was in town. I have had that chocolate and it is pretty awesome! New follower - looking forward to reading more!!

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