Friday, July 29, 2011

Clean eating pt.2: In the kitchen with Ava

Friday!! Here we are!! I am SO glad,  because I am going to get some serious SUN this weekend!! 

Everyone says Abs are made in the kitchen!
Well, I want to be in the kitchen with Ava Cowan.

She's hangin' above my computer for inspiration--look at those ABS! 

Abs are made in the kitchen? 

Every body is so different and responds differently to the fuel we use and the workouts we put it through! Thank goodness or we would ALL be the same. We can't ALL be Ava Cowan. :) So, when you hear that abs are made in the kitchen, what people mean is that when you eliminate junk from your diet you will shed that excess that is covering your amazing abs! 

I like to think of it as a REALLY hard bed, covered with a pile of SUPER fluffy down comforters. We just have to strip away those comforters, little by little and the hard bed will be there! Clean eating helps strip away the excess that is there on all of us and leaves us with the great hard "bed" of abs we want!  Just like with any muscle adding weight to our ab exercises will increase that muscle size making them pop, like our girl Ava here. Dang. 

What I eat! 
I went to the grocery store the other day for some staples and decided to show ya'll what I am munching on: 

Apples, eggs, green beans, zucchini, sweet potato, blueberries, steel cut oats, rolled oats, quinoa, steak, chicken, spinach, slivered almonds and ...what is that? Yeah a protein bar and chocolate! See, I DO eat processed food every now and then. Being at the grocery store left me drooling, so I grabbed a protein bar quick! On average, I only have one once a week... 

Expensive?? NOPE. All of that above was 34 dollars and some change, the most expensive items being the blueberries, chicken and Quinoa! 

Usually I start breakfast with eggs and egg whites, chicken sausage OR eggs and Oats! I load my oats with fruit and nuts and have steered into using bulk oats, not the packaged oatmeal that I used for so long... 

Lunch for me is usually a protein packed spinach salad. I PILE on the meat, the veggies (ALL Kinds) and top it with coconut oil and lemon juice and healthy nuts and seeds! I am now in LOVE with sunflower seeds--healthy fats and protein--9 grams in a quarter cup! Often, I will toss a spinach style salad with hot quinoa for whole grain goodness and more protein!

I snack on hard boiled eggs, fruit, nuts, dried fruits, sometimes goat yogurt when I crave it and protein powder...loving the ON vanilla I got just recently! 

For dinner, I usually have veggies and a lean meat like fish, chicken breast or turkey! I love spicing it up with my Cajun spices! 

I am never without a bedtime snack--fruit with honey or sprinkled with my FAVE--Ghiradelli dipping chocolate! SUPER TINY chips, that make me feel decadent added to anything!! 

Calorie needs and Fat, protein, carbs! 
To really figure out how much fat, protein and carbs you need, you should find your daily calorie intake. You can find your daily caloric needs by using an online BMR calculator like this one. Once you do that you can either maintain or minus 500 calories per day for a healthy 1 lb loss per week. 

From THERE, you want to divide the daily number by 40% for protein and then divide by 4. 
For figuring Carbohydrates needed divide your daily number by 30% and divide by 4, for healthy fats, divide that number by 30% and then divide by 9 (4,4,9 being the calories per gram of each item)

Being balanced in all your take in when you eat clean or ANY way you eat is vital to a healthy body and fueling for success!! 

What is your FAVE healthy fat?? Mine is becoming coconut oil and walnuts very quickly!! 
Have a fantastic weekend, hope you all enjoy you sunny summer days! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Clean Eating Pt. 1: Green, Garden or God!

GOOOD Morning everyone! 

I had a lot of requests on facebook asking me what I ate or what clean eating was. It was after I posted my before and after pics from the last three months--what a fun journey it's been!

"I am committed to putting healthy things in my body everyday whether I am craving sweets or not. I am committed to fueling the way I should and I am committed to perpetuating health and not illness. I am going to commit to a shopping time, a prepping time, to cooking and to eating meals I am planning. I am committed to it for my health, for my healthy weight and to practice and exemplify a consistent life for my clients."

So I started by taking some photo's and I started cleaning it up! 

The photo on the left is May 23rd, about 2 weeks after I got home from my NYC trip, not too shabby, fit, strong and doing OK. The Pic on the right is last weekend July 23rd after a run, I was heading to the beach and I saw my self in the mirror--little changes over time sneak up on us, I snapped a photo to do some comparing! I had been taking pics the whole time, in the same outfit, the same bra and shorts...

A pretty big change. It was in fact 10 lbs and 8 body fat points! 

FIRST THING I DID, was toss the junk! 

Here I was, an athlete, a marathoner, a personal TRAINER and I ate junk. I ate donuts for breakfast and fat ladden scones. I ate junky chips and all kinds of processed foods like granola bars, frozen meals etc. Everyone's JUNK is different! Mine didn't "look" bad, but was all high in calories, fat, sodium.. etc. You can see all the junk I talk about here in this POST .  

What is the easiest way to toss the junk?
 Ask yourself these questions: 

Is it in a box or bag? 
Does it have nutritional info? 
Do I KNOW the ingredients I am reading?
Did it ever live or grow outside? 

Here's the thing, even organic co-ops carry items that aren't good for us! Box food, processed food, aka, factory made food so far from it's original state we don't recognize it and can't pronounce it. Food with added sugars, preservatives, food that was created, doctored or modified in a lab somewhere. 

I Added in more: 

More lean protein: Chicken, turkey, fish
Tons of veggies: ALL KINDS
More fruits: All kinds and colors
natural sugars: Honey, agave, fruits
whole grains: Couscous, quinoa, millet

I didn't cut calories or eat celery all day, I NEVER feel deprived, and am always having amazing food like avocado, roasted sweet potato and asparagus, fresh peaches and Yeah, even dark chocolate!! 

1) Cut out processed foods--go for Green, garden or GOD! If you are eating clean, it should be colorful, grew or lived outside or is a product of something that did, and is in or close to it's natural state the way God made it. IF it is, chances are it's a whole food and eating it would be "clean eating"!

2) Cut out sugary drinks--this goes without saying! Pop, sugary, calorie laden waters, sports drinks, even fruit juices that can be high in added sugar... empty calories that gotta go! Drink that water, add a little lemon or a raspberry or strawberry for flavor! 

3) Eat all throughout the day! Lot's of small snacks and meals keep our metabolism running HIGH and keeps that fuel burning in our bodies! We have to be prepared to do this, plan, shop and cook, but it's well worth the effort--you will reap the results of what you sow! 

4) YOUR version of Clean! Everyone is different, every one's body reacts differently to what they eat, whole foods or not. For the last 2 or 3 YEARS at least, I knew my body was reacting poorly to the kinds of carbs I was eating, so reducing those and eating other carbs worked for me. Experiment with foods you think maybe your culprits and see how your body reacts to the additions or subtractions of certain foods! Find your own healthy balance and version of clean. 

5) Fats and oils are our friends! Opt for healthy fats and natural ones like nuts, seeds, and avocado! Oils like coconut oil and olive oil are amazing replacements for thick, creamy salad dressing that can give you a sugar rush and sabotage a great clean salad! I cook with coconut and olive oil daily! Embrace the fats, they are your friends! 

6) Toss the Fat free, reduced fat foods! In order to take the real fat out which is often natural and healthy, they replace it or add in chemicals! You are trading true natural fat for unnatural processed junk! Allow yourself a LITTLE of the full fat item or treat you want and enjoy the FULL flavor. Instead you sacrifice flavor to save just a few calories to eat fat free and ingest unnatural ingredients--NOT a fair trade for your health or your weight loss!

Do I still have processed foods? Yeah, it's hard to avoid, they sneak in. I have power bars when I am in a crunch and on the go, but I try to be as prepared with whole, clean foods that will fuel me as I can. Want that pizza? Have it, just make them treat foods, not as a part of your daily diet. 

Be SURE to get the right amount of fats and carb ratio for your daily needs, I will talk more about that tomorrow...  In the meantime here is a cute chart on how to find REAL Food at the Supermarket: 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ragnar Relay update: Summer of Sports bra's!

Happy Tuesday! 
I hope this week is finding you happy and working hard toward all your goals! 

Who's got some good news for me? Let's hear it! 

Getting out of YOUR own way! 

I love this quote--remember, you are often the person standing in your own way! If you believe in yourself, GO after your goals, you will find that others won't stand in your way either--we don't need permission from others to be our best version of ourselves, we need permission from ourselves and then there is no stopping you!! 

I am LOVING being on a training plan for a race again! It's so great to have my runs planned for me, I just gotta make time to get them in!! 
Looking at my legs of the race, I see i need to train hills...I am SO bad about training hills! 
Check this out, Leg 8, my first of three:

Hills are in my future...for SURE. More on my other legs later, we are only a month away from the big overnight relay--I am super pumped, as you can tell in this picture! 

Summer of Sports Bra's: 
It's been decided, it's the summer of sports bra's, I am not ashamed to whip off my shirt and run in the heat in only the it my friends, it feels great, is empowering and a good ab workout too, believe me you will be tightening that core the WHOLE time!! 

Just recently I had a lot of people ask me about my clean eating that I have embraced, I will be blogging about that this week, so stay tuned for some tips and tricks to eat your best so you can perform your best! 

What is your FAVE all natural thing to feed your body with?? Do tell! 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Recipe: Sweet & Savory Quinoa & WEEDING

Yet another amazing salad with Quinoa! 
I am loving this perfect protein! It has a sweet nutty flavor, can be added to anything, eaten hot or cold! PURRRFECT. 

Sweet & Savory Quinoa Salad

 1 Cup cooked Quinoa
 1/2 Cup washed raw spinach
 1/2 a roasted sweet potato cubed
 1/4 cup raisins
 1/4 cup Greek olives
1 T. coconut oil
1/2 an Avocado
 sea salt (optional)

 Prepare the sweet potato by roasting, cubed in an oven for 20 min on 400. Prepare the Quinoa as directed on package or  by bringing 1 cup water to a boil and adding half a cup uncooked Quinoa, simmer until done, JUST like brown rice and until it fluffs up!

Mix all ingredients with warm Quinoa, sprinkle coconut oil & salt to taste. 
Squeeze with fresh lemon! 
Enjoy AMAZING flavor combination!

Weeding: there is a lesson here somewhere! 
Life threw me a bit of a curve ball this week and a few of my days ended up being REALLY jam packed with things to do, appointments etc. It put the pressure on a bit, I was really busy, working hard, planning and trying to eat right and get my OWN workouts in! 

In the middle of the day, I had to drop everything and do a little chore at my apartment building: weeding. 

REALLY? In THIS heat? Right NOW? 
I was bummed, I had plans, I had things to do...but this is part of my job. 
SO, I suited up, got my headphones on and started weeding (the caretaker is off and the responsibility landed on me.) 

Well, after an hour of hard sweaty work and uplifting music, the weeding was done and I was in HIGH spirits! Really, there were so many little lessons to be learned from my afternoon chore. 

Here I am with my lesson for the day: 
I had to pull this HUGE weed up, by the roots, otherwise it would come back. See how much dirt came up with it? I let it take root and grow too long, so getting it out was a challenge and left a nice little dent in the rock garden where it was. 


I didn't even notice the weeds! They started small and I walked past them everyday without noticing. Then, I noticed they were huge. I let them take root when they were small and the over took the yard! We have to notice our thoughts, our habits that start small but can take over! Focus on what is good, right and pure and when THAT multiplies it will be a beautiful garden, not weeds! 

The BIG ones really rooted themselves in the soil good, they wrapped around the soil and became part it, they took a ton of the good soil with them too when they came up. Those negative thoughts can become part of us if we let them---and in the end we sacrifice our GOOD soil to get rid of the bad...don't let any weeds take root or rob you of your good soil! 

It was over an hours worth of work to FIX the problem, where as I could have spent less time when the weeds were small and just stayed on top of and maintained them. This is simple. Do it. Do it right. Do it right now. Maintaining our healthy lifestyle, healthy mindset and healthy habits is WAY easier than weeding them out from the bad later. 

Sometimes an hours worth of weeding, being outside, enjoying the sun is exactly what you need. Sometimes having OUR plans interrupted is exactly what we need. Sometimes, good hard work with our hands help us get through all the weeds that can take over our head--we pluck out what we don't want and isn't supposed to be there and start NEW. 

Happy Thursday!! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One breath event & Surprises!

"Never let yesterday use up too much of today" Will Rogers

Today is a gift, that's why they call it a don't spoil it by dragging anything negative, bad or that is causing you anxiety from YESTERDAY into your gift of today. Leave yesterday where it is and jump feet or head first into today!

Well everyone, I said last week I had a surprise and I DO! 
Here's the SCOOOP...although I: 

Didn't really want one right now
Don't really need one
Didn't go looking for it
Haven't really spent time with it yet
Am a little nervous about the first time

I also: 

Liked the way it looked
Knew it was THE ONE for me
Knew it would be a big part of my future plans
Thought it was just the right fit and 
knew it would be FUN!

NO....not a new sweetheart....a TREADMILL! 
(Sweetheart not included, but on the way! EEE!)

God has such a great way of working things out, now that my TV is gone, my living room has a ton of space for the new treadmill! I did test it out before I purchase and it works, it works GREAT! It is a simple, but sturdy model, with a display for calorie burn, time, speed etc! AND it has incline which rocks for brisk walking and HIIT!! 

It folds up too, how very CHIC of you Mr. Treadmill

Seriously, where is you see it, it was right ..OH! Over to the right. Wow! Compact, on sale, helping me reach my goals and it's JUST right for my place and what I need it for!! 
What is that you say? Why do I need who runs in 20 below Minnesota weather, works at a gym and won't run more than 2 miles on one myself? Why, I need it for you..... 



I am thrilled to announce that I will be speaking at the Prior Fat Girl, One Breath, One Step event on Saturday August 6th

August 6th, 2011
8:00am – 2:00pm
Minneapolis & Minnetonka
Learning for the mind, muscles & stomach!click here to register
{early bird discount below schedule!}
8:00amWelcome & IntroductionsJen, a priorfatgirl
8:30amFunctional fitness: breaking barriersMary Sailors
9:30amLosing weight without losing your relationshipsJen, a priorfatgirl
10:15amGroup activity & discussionJen, a priorfatgirl
10:45amBreak & depart for cooking class
11:30pmCooking family favorites healthified! 
- Pizza
- Spaghetti
- Macaroni & Cheese
- and others!
{Note: this is an interactive cooking class
and includes lunch. 
Class location is is in
Minnetonka, close to Ridgedale Mall. Address
will be provided post-registration
Stacy Klone
1:30pmWrap-upJen, a priorfatgirl

Early Bird Discount:
To keep everything intimate, we are limiting the number of people to 40 so hurry and register before it is sold out! The first 20 people to register will receive 15% off their tickets using discount code EARLYBIRD!
I will be speaking on Functional Fitness and Breaking Barriers, I hope you can make it, the entire day should be an amazing experience! 
In the meantime, have a great week, stay cool! 

What is your weather like this Month? 
Sweltering like MN?? 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekend recap: Endurance

This morning was a stormy one in Minneapolis and now, 2 hours later the sun is bright and the day is beautiful! Isn't that just like life... storms come, we endure and they pass! 

This weekend, my friend Jennifer had a baby shower for her FIRST little bundle on the way! It was a great day to see lots of friends and have some treats!  Congrats to Jennifer--I can't wait to see your new little girl! 

Sunday: Long Run Love
Sunday in Minneapolis was HOT and HUMID. The dew point was around 84, which is like walking outside only to look like you took a shower. It was not really that awesome! I taught the final of my session 1 outdoor boot camps (kudos's to the troopers sweating up a storm!) and took off as SOON as I could for my run. I had 9 miles on my plate and the temp and humidity were stacked up against me! 

Between the lakes with 3.5 miles to go....
feeling good and munching on Black Mission Figs for FUEL!! 

9.37 Miles done, shirt off and out of water!! I used many a drinking fountain along the way...I also didn't stop the Run Keeper app I was using to track miles or splits, so it's not accurate entirely, but I just wanted to get the miles in! Check out the full details HERE

It's not just about trucking through the race or the miles. It's not just about gritting our teeth and getting through. It's not just about the end of the road, the prize, the goal or the finish, some people think it is, but will find out that the end is just another beginning and what matters is HOW we endure. 

Today, there were HUGE rolling black clouds rolling through Minneapolis. They were moving fast, carrying high winds and rain and opened up on us with a huge downpour! I was running in some intense heat this weekend and had to make some water stops, my miles weren't as fast as I would have liked, but I trucked through and endured, knowing I was always one step or one mile closer.  

The past 5 or 6 days where there haven't been a lot of blog posting going on here (OR Any...) have been days where I felt like I was enduring through them. I had been weighing some heavy decisions, praying a lot, seeking God and trying to make sure that I endure the RIGHT way, not just white knuckling it till the storms pass. I want to seek God first, I want to be obedient to him,  I want to give him my life to do what he will with it! 

Step by step, mile by mile, I get closer to who he has called me to be, but just like those looking for the finish, there will always be a new start when we have endured through HIS strength to the place he wants us to be. 

In the end, is the job you are wanting, the apartment you get, the life you are believing for the end all? No, it's the steps of obedience to God that take us there that count. It's the small steps that create the journey, it's the trip of a LIFE time as we move through this incredibly temporary world into HIS kingdom! So we endure, we take it step by step, savoring, learning, listening and going slow sometimes when the heat, weather, circumstance call for it...but all in JOY and we endure. 

Good Earth!

I refueled with my good friend Jenna at the Good Earth Restaurant! It was fantastic!! I had an egg white omelet with spinach, tomatoes and pine nuts, a side of sweet potato hash and turkey sausage! I DEVOURED this meal after that hot 9.3 miles! 

Today my eyes were NOT bigger than my stomach, my stomach was a bottomless pit for protein and goodness!! 

What is your favorite natural or organic place to eat out? Do you have the Good Earth where you are? 

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