Wednesday, July 6, 2011

5 Steps to a detox week

Had that LONG holiday weekend hangover for a few days? Not just the sweet treats but the margarita's, the excessive sun, but the heavy food feeling...ready to hit Control-Alt-Delete? Here are 5 steps to detoxing the holiday weekend feeling away!

Water- Natures purest detox tool! Aim for drinking about half your body weight in ounces of water a day! for optimum hydration. Water will flush toxins (think alcohol, sugar etc) out of your system faster than anything else and will replenish your energy and balance. Think about it, we are 72% water! Simply by drinking it, we kick start all our bodily functions, the liver, kidney's and digestive system jump to work--just add water! 

Electrolytes- Sun, alcohol can dehydrate you! Add electrolytes in to your daily routine so you can know you are getting back on track! Electrolytes help carry impulses across cell membrane--think nerve and muscle function! When you lose electrolytes like sodium and potassium through sweat, heat and exercise, they need to be replaced so our body can continue to function. The faster they are replaced, the more efficient your body will run. There are all natural sports drinks to choose from to avoid chemicals and high sugar content and naturally occurring boosts like are found in coconut water!  

Anti-oxidants -BERRY good news folks-- getting the powerful anti-oxidants our bodies need can be as easy as noshing on beautiful blueberries, acai berries and dark chocolates! Antioxidants protect cells from damage that can occur from free radicals (think pollution, BBQ smoke, uncle Carl's cigar--cancer causing agents that are all around us!) Keeping a diet rich in Antioxidants, especially after a fun weekend filled with free radicals, will prevent damage on a cellular level and keep you detoxing day in and day out! Eat up to your berry little hearts content!

Exercise- get out there and get that blood pumping! Moving your blood through your system will replenish your body with oxygen and energy! After time in the sun, long days on the boat or on a trip will leave us tired and sluggish, but get that blood moving and you will feel better and help all the other tools listed here, pump those toxins through and OUT of your system faster...besides, what better time to get back on track than NOW!

Rest- Along with proper hydration, fuel, and movement, our bodies need proper rest! Aim for 8 hours of sleep a night and soon you will find yourself waking up BEFORE the alarm--a sign of a well rested person. Catching up on your ZZZ's will help Detox and create more mental clarity, awareness and improve your mood as well. All that we put our bodies through day in and day out is very taxing and we need to honor our bodies with the proper rest! It's a vital part of a detox program that we can't over look. A great excuse for a summer nap in the shade!! 

What is your fave thing to do when detoxing? 


Becky said...

Water always helps me feel better! And a good run to clear out the nasties. Thanks for the coconut water tip!

Ann said...

I haven't done a good, disciplined "detox" - even a few day detox, in a LONG TIME. Thanks for the reminder that I need to listen to my body and help it "re-set" itself and stay clean. :) Hope you had an awesome 4th!!

loveliveandlearn said...

These are great tips, thank you Mary!
Love your blog :-)

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