Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Spelt Bread & Ragnar update

Happy Monday! Hope you all are great, what a wonderful weekend--I did SO much and felt like I achieved SO little!! That's a good summer's day aka beach time & workingout!

Righteous Raisin and Spelt Bread 

After tweeting about my fiasco with wheat the other week, the nice folks at the Berlin Natural Bakery sent me spelt bread to try!! I have greatly reduced my carb intake, but there is no denying it, I love bread and it's a staple of my pre-race breakfasts! I am SO pumped because I have TWO great loafs to try! 

Nutritional goodness: 
1 Slice 120 calories
1g fat
2 g fiber
8g sugar
3g protein

Spelt is an ancient grain that offers a broader spectrum of nutrients compared to other whole grains! It is an excellent source of vitamin B2, a very good source of manganese, and a good source of niacin, thiamine, and copper--LOADED! I love it, I had a slice and it was SO good, I took 2 bites before remembering to snap the pic! 

I drizzled this with honey and cinnamon but it was great alone as well. To learn more about spelt, check out Worlds Healthiest Foods! 

Ragnar Update: 
My training for the Ragnar relay is going to fall nicely into my marathon training! The 3 legs I am running in the overnight race equal about 18 miles and it falls perfectly on my 18 miler long weekend run for the marathon...Nice work! I am still working hard on my strength training routine though as well--it's important for runners to keep building and maintaining muscle! 

Back and Biceps day, two days before my long run--there's my LONG face!

I am using Hal Higdon's Intermediate Marathon training program. It had me logging my first real LONGISH run yesterday at 7 miles. It was a good run, not too hot, not too hard. I am pumped because this means my weeks look like 3-4 days of shorter tempo and pace runs and cross training! I am taking full advantage of the power walks, rollerskating and biking in this beautiful weather! 

Do you cook with spelt or other whole grains like barley & quinoa? 
Send me your fave whole grain recipe with a pic and I will post them next week!! mary@fitthisgirl.com!

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