Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NEW feature: Wednesday WORD & Weight!


I Corinthians 9:24-27
The Need for Self-Discipline
Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.  Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.  Therefore I do not run like someone running aimlessly; I do not fight like a boxer beating the air.  No, I strike a blow to my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize.

Alright, a NEW feature on Fit this, Girl! Word & Weight!  A highlight of the word of God and a weight lifting info that is on my love list! 

Word: Aim for that target!
I love I Corinthians 9:24-27. There are SO many verses in the bible about running and our race in front of us, but this one the past week has been popping up for me! 

The idea of running, not aimlessly is very poignant right now. We must have a destination, we must have a finish line in front of us!  As a follower of Christ, I know the finish line that is ahead of me- eternity with him!  I know that an eternal finish line will bring my my best and most glorious finish and that my COACH, my trainer, my savior will get the credit! 

BUT while we are here, running on earth, seeking our path, seeking God in all things, we are not to be aimless either. We pick a goal, go after it with drive, discipline and knowing that we run with PURPOSE. We serve as an example to others for persevering, for being disciplined!  Joyce Meyer says that Discipline is planning her pain and planning her pleasure. When we do one, we automatically do the other.

We plan that race, we train and in the end we rejoice at our finish! We plan the workout, we hit it hard, and we find pleasure in the reward, we feel good, we kept our word, gave our all. We aim, high and we trust that with our faith to carry us, we will finish just exactly where we are supposed to, right on target! 

WEIGHT: Triceps
I LOVE working the triceps!! A few of my favorite moves are the triceps dip, which has MANY variations off of a bench:

Keep your elbows close to your body
Elbows come straight back, don't let them flair! 
BEND at your elbows to lower your body, don't just drop the hips
Tighten your core, abdominals ON! 

Keep your feet up on a bench as shown in the picture OR place them on the floor in front
Place your feet on a stability ball out in front of you to force your stabilizing muscles to engage more! 
With your feet on the floor, hold a lightly weighted medicine ball between your knees as you dip!

HAVE FUN and love your triceps today!! What is your favorite triceps move? 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

8 miles in photo's

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sweat and Pressure

Happy Monday lovelies!
Here in Mn, it was a beautiful weekend!! The sun was out, it's a real crisp fall weekend.

I was hanging at church nearly all weekend listening to a special speaker and I got some AMAZING nuggets of info to overcome and STAND in what we are called to do! Whoo! So good. Before my weekend getting refueled and filled up at church, I went in to work on Friday to be trained by two of my co-workers. It's something they have us do on a regular basis. We get on other trainers schedules and run through new idea's, new workouts and they kick our boot-y. 

Here is Amanda and I after she ran me through a SWEET, hard, functional 30 minute workout! I was sweating on everything, it was just pouring off of me. 

A friend sent me this pic, cute huh? 
ALL of my fat cells were in MOURNING on Friday!

Life can be filled with pressure. There was a little pressure to do well when my co-workers trained me! I am the new girl! Eek! Pressure on the job, pressure to perform, pressure to KNOW where you are heading, what you are doing there, pressure to do your best, do give your all, pressure to do all you should, pay all those bills...

I could go on and on about pressure! The last few months I have been dealing with some of life's pressures, but recently they were really amplified! I struggled with WHY? Did I make a wrong turn somewhere? 

Feeling tossed by waves? Remember who is in your boat! 

No. Not every situation of pressure, not every trial or test is because we are in the wrong place. Not everything we face that is hard is because we made a poor choice and took a wrong turn. 

In the gospels, the followers of Christ were in a boat, WITH him and crossing a small sea. A BIG storm came up as Christ slept in the boat and it was nearly ready to capsize! They were supposed to go across that sea, their leader was WITH them even! When we are tossed around, facing trials and under pressure remember, you are not alone! 


Over the past few months, there were a few days where I thought "this is TOO much to deal with, TOO much to go through right now." And yet I made it through every day, sometimes with just enough and always still standing. When you go through a situation of pressure, how we react is more important than the outcome!! Are we KIND, are we patient, do we look for lessons in it whether we took a right or wrong turn? 

What we learn, what we take away, the character that is built under life's pressures is what is so important. There is a quote I love: 
" I would rather be a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without."

JUST like we have to put pressure on our muscles to grow, we can take those opportunities to grow as well. Just like it's hard to push our bodies through a long run, a hard workout to move to the next level, periods of pressure will help us, IF WE LET it and not just complain about it, move to a new level. We grow from strength to strength like Psalm 84 says. But we have to stand on a firm foundation and firm faith to make it through!! 

What do you hold fast to when you are going through pressures of life? 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Confessions: The week of inconsistency!

What good is pouring all your time into a blog
 if you can't tell all? 
A lot of times I don't have EPIC things happening in my life, I mean. I eat for fuel, it's good food, but lately, not jaw dropping, drool enticing foods. I work (awesome new job as a trainer at an awesome new gym!), come home write, hang with the cats, run, lift, work on projects, go to church... 
I am working on some great EPIC things but I am always hesitant to share till they are more set in stone! is great, full and sometimes just there. YES everyday is amazing! I face trials just like everyone else. I don't always air them here, because I know I am on a path and learning from them. Mostly I share when I am beyond a certain trial.  
YES everyday is a gift and I am blessed head over heels to do all I do in my work and training! It was a dream of mine to do this and not everyone is in a position to just quit a job and chase their dream. 
YES I have big goals and big ambitions and big HOPES, I expect all positive things! Does it happen the way I think it will always? No, but it always happens and it's always a blessing! 

MY Week of Inconsistency
I had too much coffee, hands down! And not enough water, I was hitting 40 ounces at best and I should be hitting that before breakfast. Boo... working hard on getting that water in! If I don't start by about 10am, then I have trouble starting at all! Our body WILL crave what we give it, not at first but eventually! Gotta get started on the right foot!

I didn't run any small, short or speed runs between my 20 miler on the 11th and my 10 miler on the 19th.... Hm. 8 days, no running in the middle of marathon training with an aggressive goal. I could have ran at night, I could have set my alarm earlier and I could have just TRIED harder to squeeze them in. Really. Even just TWO. But I was transitioning jobs...I feel like it doesn't count. It's not like I was in an office putting in overtime. Either we do it, or we don't! I didn't. NEEDLESS to say, I am getting my midweek running in THIS time around. 

It's Funny, I did get two days of lifting in!
AND I have had some moments where I wasn't eating and drinking the way I want to be. My body feels worse now when I add junk in. The worst was the first day on my new job, I had a Monster Energy drink! Man did that do a number on my tummy, especially with the little water!!  Eating clean= drinking clean TOO! I do the coffee and more than I should but drinks with so much sugar and chemicals really wreak havoc on the system. YIKES, I came out OK, just focused in on drinking my water and trying to steer clear of junk. 

I need accountability as much as the next person, I get it from the blog and from some friends around me! Who do you get accountability from?? 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lose your BUT in 3 easy steps!

Happy Tuesday everyone! 
Tell me, WHAT is YOUR workout today?? 

Who is doing what? Lifting? Spin? Walking? Yoga?
I am lifting and doing a little running! 

Lose your BUT in three easy steps! 
I have the easiest way to lose your but in just three easy steps. 
You won't have to do Dead lifts followed by lunge jumps. 
You won't have to run at an incline and then drop and do 30 bench squats. 

I want to eat right...BUT
I want to workout daily...BUT
I want to run my first 5k...BUT .... 

Are you picking up what I am laying down??

I can give you lists and lists of exercises to lose your BUTT, 
and it won't matter until you lose your BUT.  

WANT IT:  There are NO excuses, people do what they want to do. We see it all the time and we over look it, brush it off and excuse it so other feel better. Nope, actions speak louder than words, what people say is trumped by what they DO. If someone wants to workout, they home, in the gym, during nap time, over lunch hour. If you WANT it bad enough you will do it! 
There is NO BUT, you do what you want to do, so you have to WANT it bad enough.  Do you WANT IT? 

BELIEVE IT:  YOU are the only person you are competing against. Your healthy choices affect YOU first, your drive, your tired legs, your mental road blocks, they are all yours to contend with and no one else. We are the ones who let ourselves down with the BUT. We are the ones that hold ourselves back, that quit, then judge, then fall into bad habits. The BUT is about us. No one else, we do it for us... are you worth it? 
DO YOU BELIEVE it?? Then no more, yeah BUT... 

Eliminate the obstacles: I meet people everyday in my job who are working out THROUGH some tough physical ailments: Injuries on the mend, chronic pain, wheelchairs. There are people who deal with barriers like obesity, disordered eating, no support systems, little money and all of these people have eliminated the obstacles in their way. Some physical and some simply by mentally pushing them aside. We have to eliminate the obstacles, we have to work hard to make them non issues!

 Backwards thinking? Repeat affirmations even if you feel silly and they feel untrue
Schedule conflicts: Rearrange, get help, delegate. People busier than you are making time for health
Physical problems: Talk to your Dr., your Therapist, your trainer, there is a way around most every limitation to the exercise you need to do. 
Mental stress and despair: Rally friends for email, phone call and workout buddy support
NO Support to rally? Find any stranger at the gym, make them your friend and keep  accountable. 

Overwhelmed with the BUTS? 
Schedule time to relax, for yourself. Take small steps toward your goal. Pick TWO small things to change and do that for two weeks. The Journey is but one small step after another, but you have to get the BUTS out of the way!!

Want it, believe it and eliminate those obstacles! 
What is your worst obstacle? Is it external or internal? 
Mine is that I am "scared" of hard things.... 

Make it great today!! Fall is on the way, soak up that sun while you can! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Good News & Dr. Teal's Winner!

SO true, SO true!! 
I love this quote, I love seeing my friends on FB saying they are hitting the gym even when they aren't motivated to do so!! 

Dr. Teals Winner!! 

Congrats to Kim H!!! You ARE A WINNER! 
Good luck with your 1/2 Iron Tri!! 

Good News! New JOB!! 

I am SO excited!! I got a new job at a new gym and today starts my first FULL week! It's a great Personal Training team with great dynamics! It's a whole new kind of set up for me and I am sure it will take a little bit to get used to the sessions, the gym itself and the way that they work! 

It is a great opportunity, a promotion, AND they contacted me to come in and interview! The compensation is more stable and the hours the same, so it's a win, win situation! PLUS, they decided to look for a new trainer in a whole new way and found me through my blog and my FaceBook presence! If THAT isn't motivation to be positive and sincere when using your social media, well I don't know what is!! 

Either way, it's a blessing and I am thrilled to have this opportunity! 

What is YOUR good news from the weekend?? 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I will protect this house...

Happy Thursday!! 

If you haven't already you really MUST enter my giveaway! It's for a great set of bath salts and soaks from Dr. Teals! I LOVE the products and use them after all my runs and hard leg workouts!

If you haven't seen this video, watch it! It's inspiring and the women are strong and amazing!! 

Does anyone out there wear Under Armour?? I don't own anything yet, but their slogan "I WILL  protect this HOUSE!" has a cool and applicable story! 

From Fast Company Magazine: 
The underdog had to figure out ways to get more bang out of its tiny marketing budget. For Under Armour's first TV ad in 2003, the goal was to create a spot that would live longer than its 30 seconds on the air, says Steve Battista, director of marketing. The commercial showed a football squad huddled around Eric Ogbogu, one of Plank's former teammates and a defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys. He shouted, "We must protect this house!" as if his life depended on it.  "Protect this house doesn't mean sitting back on your haunches." --Kevin Plank,  Founder Under Armour (FULL ARTICLE HERE)


Think about this in terms of your body, your house, your temple. 
Will you protect it? 
Are you protecting it?  
Is your house, strong, able, solid? Is the door heavy wood, is the foundation straight and solid, are the walls sturdy and thick? 

LET'S GO people, Are you protecting your home turf, your house, your BODY? 
Or are you sitting back on your haunches? Thinking about eating right, thinking about working out? Or are you DOING IT? Little habits, one by one, like little single nails build a strong house. So we workout, we eat right, get sleep, try and be balanced and centered. 

BUT if the foundation is not solid, not straight or if it leaks--It doesn't matter how GOOD the house looks, how pretty the outside is or how nice the things are that populate it.. the house will suffer. A FIRM foundation is the best protection! Build your base, start with the vital habits: diet, exercise and be consistent! 

OOPS, fix that foundation QUICK! 

Someone just recently was talking to me about personal training and how they were considering it once, but the package was nearly a mortgage payment! That's a lot, I know, I get it. And then I thought, yeah....

 your BODY is your house too!

 A second mortgage payment for your second house, the one that is MORE expensive and harder to fix if it gets run down, the one that you spend ALL of your time in, not just most.

Isn't that worth it? 

Let's make it worth it and say, I will protect this house, whatever the cost and ALWAYS better to pay now and fix a small problem or prevent one than years down the line when the WHOLE place needs to be gutted and worked on. 

Not to say we have to fork over oodles of dollars for training, but if it IS your home, why not take it as serious as an investment as your wood, brick or mortar house you live in? We have to protect THIS HOUSE! I Loved the honest analogy of the trainer costing as much as a second mortgage, but it also placed such a true importance and value on our health and wellness too...   

ARE YOU IN? What small changes are you going to make today to protect your house, your body, your temple?? 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

Creating URGENCY!!

A new week, a new call to move forward with our goals and dreams! 

Monday: what was URGENT?

 Getting that cup of coffee.... I know. Finding a project from Friday that you forgot to complete, remembering your kids game after school, getting dinner on the table... ALL have a sense of urgency around them.  Deadlines, hungry tummy's, time crunches, they are like the fire truck screaming down the street, a phone that is ringing off the hook, the tea kettle that whistles incessantly till you pull it from the heat. 

But not every important thing in our life has a sense of urgency around it....why? Well, because certain things don't scream, ring or whistle to get our attention. They just ARE until one day they are NOT. The salad doesn't nudge us from the corner of the fridge, the dumbbells don't ring or start on fire till we pick them up, the treadmill doesn't chase us down and stand over us as we run... But one day the cholesterol, waist line or heart and Lungs may start screaming

HOW do we create urgency around things that are inherently not urgent so that they do not turn into health concerns or problems later on down the road? 

The best example and most OFTEN used are: Weddings and Reunions!! It doesn't get more urgent than to show your ex-high school, bff just how fit and fabulous you have become, but it needs to be BETTER than that. 

Pick a few dates to reach small attainable goals! Short term wins create MOMENTUM!

WRITE your goals down. POST them for you and others to SEE, check them off as you go... 

Do it for your SELF, not the wedding, not the ex-bff, for YOU! 

Tell others about the date, the goal and stay accountable! 

Find someone daily who will check in with you, send them an email, or call to stay on track! 

Treat it like a test! That date is a BIG deal, work hard and be prepared for it. 

Pick a reward you REALLY want! A new outfit, a trip, a weekend away, a spa day... anything but food!

Visualize your success: 
your smile, you with your reward, looking how you want to look, feeling how you want to feel and KNOWING that Dr.'s report is going to be what you want to hear! 
Visualize yourself finishing the race, beating your time, nailing your goal weight...

When you are ready to be serious and create urgency you will.... you will register for that race, you will book that photo session, you will agree to face your fears. 
And if one deadline passes and you fell a little short, just remember that we fall seven times, stand up eight.  

Friday, September 9, 2011

Giveaway: Dr. Teals Bath soaks & salt


SO, so so true!! 
I know that when I give my best in anything and in all I do, I feel great! When I am in the middle of a hard workout, a fast run, a trial in life I remind myself that I am doing this for ME and for God. I am my own competition, I  push myself for myself, I challenge what I did yesterday, last week, last year, I work to learn, to increase, to improve for me! 

I give my best for God, because he gave and continues to give his best for me, I give my best for God because it's HIM I am working for, not for a prize or title on earth, not for an income from my workplace, not for the praise or recognition of others! HE alone is worth of my ALL, my effort and my best...And I have never regretted it when I do it for him! 

Happy Friday!! 
Have you hugged your photographer today?? 
Here is Alex from AP Skyline Photography who helped me out with a few sessions and some GREAT PICS--check them out on Facebook! She is super fun to work with and is starting her own magazine--Midwest Fresh!! Go girl!! 

Dr. Teals Bath Salt and Soak Giveaway!! 
I was SO thrilled when the amazing people over at Dr. Teals Therapeutic Solutions contacted me to try their products and do a give away... ! Essential oils in foots soaks, Epsom Salts, bath products! A RUNNERS dream!! And JUST in time!! 

I have used them repeatedly over the last few weeks starting right after my Ragnar Relay and into my high mileage runs for marathon #2 training! Epsom salt in general is amazing on sore muscles, but Dr. Teals takes the cake!! The Epsom Salt just melted into the bath water and the next day it was as if I hadn't just run 20 miles.... Amazing! 
The foaming bath as well, was rejuvenating and fragrant...I loved it! Extremely high quality products! 

Dr. Teal’s Therapeutic Bath and Body Products contain essential oils to soothe the senses, relax tense muscles and promote well-being. Dr. Teal’s products have a neutral pH and are alkaline-free to help prevent dry skin.

THANKS to Dr. Teals, now you ALSO can try their products for FREE and be hooked on the best, natural Epsom Salt AND Foaming Bath there is! 

They are giving one lucky winner their own 3 pound Epsom Salt and 34 ounce Foaming bath!! They are hefty packages!!

Mandatory entries, make separate comments for each: 

1) Be or become a follower of this blog and comment that you are! 
2)  Comment on what activity you would use the Epsom Salt to relieve! 
3) Visit and tell me what fragrance of Epsom Salt would you get !

Three Entries/Comments and the giveaway will run till NEXT Friday the 16th at 4pm, A winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator, announced on the blog and on FB and will have 7 days to contact me at mary at fit this girl dot com to claim the giveaway! Open to all US and Canadian residents. 


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Insert Busy Blogger Token Post HERE: 
Three Things Thursday! 

 1) I am a Woman of God Tee! 
I got two I am a Woman of God tee's in the mail yesterday and promptly wore one for my back workout, I LOVED it!! This little pink tissue tee was on clearance and PERFECT for a gym workout. 
Back day: Lat pull down 95# 5 sets of 10
Seated Row 100# 5 sets of 12
Assisted pull up: 25#assist 5 sets of 8 (10 if I used narrow, alternated wide/narrow grip)
reverse cable fly/cobra 15# 5 sets of 8 

2) Skate vs. Run
I went for a quick 6 miles around the lake with my trusty Riedell derby skates, LOVE the speed on these. It was a cross training night instead of a run, my week has been busy, busy, BUT a long run awaits me this weekend.... I LOVE skating because it's something I have done my whole life and I can just cut loose and go! Hey LOOK, sporting my second IAWOG tee...Gotta love these! Get them hereIt was a good workout day all in all, I am looking forward to creating my plans for you! 

3) Nerdy Blogger Conference! 
Remember in my comments when I got called a Nerdy Blogger!! I wear that badge with PRIDE! My blog has been so amazing in my life, the doors it's opened and the inspiration I find in writing it. 
Well, I am PUMPED! Saturday is the Minnesota Blogger Conference!! It should be a blast and there are a great line up of speakers, I will give a full report next week!! AND I think forever ago, I promised a giveaway, I HAVE TWO on my desk here, just waiting for the right time....Tomorrow I will drop bomb on giveaway #1... wait for it!! 


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to getting schooled!

Everyone is talking about SCHOOL. 

Well, I am heading back to school too, heading back to being schooled! I will say the last 2 weeks have been kind of light in the weight room, a little weak in the workouts (save for MONSTER running for marathon training!) 

I am back baby. 
Starting today with back and biceps. Eowww! 

I am also going to be recreating my workouts for YOU GUYS and will have those available in some form hopefully in a month or so, no promises yet, but I have some VERY COOL stuff that I can't talk about just yet, but will soon. I promise.... 

In the meantime, tell me what YOU LIKE to SEE in a workout program?? 
Have you done training over the Internet or used a specific tool, followed a specific plan?? 


One of the BIGGEST THINGS over looked in any goal is a plan. 
There has to be specific action steps, a blue print to what your goal looks like. How to get there, how to build it, what parts snap together. It's like using a GPS in your car, you put in your address and the GPS tells you what roads to take. It will readjust if you get off course, but you have to know at least partially what roads are in front of you. That's your plan. 

My plan: 12 weeks, building muscle. Five days a week lifting & three cardio/plyo plus rest. 
I am going to do my best, using the plan I started in May and all the things I have learned about building muscle from research and my own new experiences! Here we go! 

What is your fave workout to follow in the gym or at home? 
Do you track all you do in a workout log? 

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