Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to getting schooled!

Everyone is talking about SCHOOL. 

Well, I am heading back to school too, heading back to being schooled! I will say the last 2 weeks have been kind of light in the weight room, a little weak in the workouts (save for MONSTER running for marathon training!) 

I am back baby. 
Starting today with back and biceps. Eowww! 

I am also going to be recreating my workouts for YOU GUYS and will have those available in some form hopefully in a month or so, no promises yet, but I have some VERY COOL stuff that I can't talk about just yet, but will soon. I promise.... 

In the meantime, tell me what YOU LIKE to SEE in a workout program?? 
Have you done training over the Internet or used a specific tool, followed a specific plan?? 


One of the BIGGEST THINGS over looked in any goal is a plan. 
There has to be specific action steps, a blue print to what your goal looks like. How to get there, how to build it, what parts snap together. It's like using a GPS in your car, you put in your address and the GPS tells you what roads to take. It will readjust if you get off course, but you have to know at least partially what roads are in front of you. That's your plan. 

My plan: 12 weeks, building muscle. Five days a week lifting & three cardio/plyo plus rest. 
I am going to do my best, using the plan I started in May and all the things I have learned about building muscle from research and my own new experiences! Here we go! 

What is your fave workout to follow in the gym or at home? 
Do you track all you do in a workout log? 


healthymelissa612 said...

Great blog!! I would love to see your current strength training routine. I am learning more about periodization training with strength training. I know a lot about lifting heavy but I tend to over train easily. Do you switch up your reps within your sets from low to high?

Mary said...

Hey Melissa!! I am working on making some virtual training available, send me an email!!

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