Thursday, December 29, 2011

Food Prep & Christmas Gifts

I am EXCITED for a new year. 
I am excited for new goals. 
New paths. 
New callings. 
Don't feel like things are NEW with YOU?? 
Ask me about how to change that... in the meantime....

We can all do SOMETHING. So DO. 

Food Prep: 
I rocked out food prep this week! I went out and bought little Target containers for single meal servings so that when I cook chicken or turkey etc, I will do it ALL at once and fill the containers! That way, in the morning I can just grab 2 and have half my food ready!! It's something I used to do often, got away from and am finding that I need to reinstate!! Oh so colorful!! 

Why prep food? 
  • Helps you keep portions in control
  • No guess work, grab, go, eat
  • No downtime where you get hungry and grab unhealthy options
  • you can PLAN your colorful meals with veggies and fruit
  • helps you stick to whatever eating plan you are ok
  • You will be prepared to refuel after that workout or run!
  • When your prepped, you work better, feel better, keep your energy up, think better... 
ON TRACK eating= on track living! 

MACK got me the BEST Christmas gifts!! A SWEET pair of lifting gloves from Femme Fitale Fitness!! They are amazing, I love them! They are nice and thick, black leather palms and very fitted, comfy and smokin' HOT. Mine are camo and pink with CRYSTALS!! BOOM!  

What was your fave Christmas Gift this year? 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Routine and goals

Happy Wednesday!! 

Hope everyone's holiday season has been great!!  Mine has been a blast so far, looking forward to New Years Eve and a whole new year of goals!! 

Yes, I know, that really sounds like resolutions and I am not really one to do that. WHY? Because I feel if we want to start something, we start it now. Why wait till that date out there in the future to do what we want and what we CAN! 

It's not that I don't believe in resolutions, goals and making new starts. My life right now would be a mess without the chance to make new starts. I love listing goals, making vision boards and assessing where I am in life and where I feel called to go and be. So for me, it's about a FOCUS on the path ahead, NOT about a list of 3-5 new little things that I am going to start on a day next week. 

This coming year is going to be different than any other year, MACK is in my life and really, he's here to stay, so the decisions and ambitions I am thinking about now involve him as well. Granted, much of my own goals are personal and don't directly impact him personally, but they will impact his life. I am hoping he wants to do this with me even, write goals and do a vision board!!  

Last year my vision board looked like this: Simple, big picture items and direction!!

ALSO, every year I write goals down on a little piece of paper: BIG ONES, little ones, outlandish ones, ones I haven't achieved yet, ones I have been working on for a long time, ones I have wanted and dreamt of, EVERYTHING.  Then, I turn it over, face down and place it on my fridge. Usually I forget about it till midway through the year when I turn it around and look at it. WOW, sometimes I am just blown away by the fact that I often meet a lot of those goals, or have at least take steps to them. 

You are 70% more likely to achieve a goal 
when you write it down! 

So what would YOU write down and tuck away for this year??? Don't forget to also keep your current goals, your ACTION ITEMS and steps to big goals close to you and where you can see them daily! I even know friends who frame them!!  

What are you aiming for in 2012??

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Have a SAFE, blessed and MERRY Christmas!! 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Recipe: Weight watchers Crackle Spice Drops

SIMPLE, tasty, EASY and healthy!! 
Bet you can have 2 or 3 of these cookies this year... 

1/2 Cup reduced calorie Margarine, soft
1/2 Cup unpacked brown Sugar
1 Large Egg
1T. Vanilla Extract
2 Cups Flour
1/2 t. Baking soda
1/4 t. salt
1T. Pumpkin Pie Spice
Powdered Sugar

I love these cookies!! I didn't get a chance to make them this year,  SO FAR, but may do a little more baking before the new year!! Try them, they are so fast and SOO tasty!! Powder sugar finger lickin' good! Way to go Weight Watchers!!

Preheat Oven to 375 Degrees

On medium speed beat margarine with brown sugar till creamy, add egg, vanilla and beat until light and fluffy. Stir in flour, baking soda, salt and spice. 

Roll rounded dough in powdered sugar to coat, place on baking sheet and bake till golden, about 7-8 min. Yields 1 cookie per serving, 1 point per cookie! 

I did do  LITTLE baking, birthday cookies for a very, very special little boy: Sugar cookies with some red sprinkles! It was a great day to do it, Minneapolis got a  LITTLE snow, some morning flurries! 

AND, I got some NEW Christmas PJ's...Had to share the pic, I LOVE THE OWL prints everywhere and I got these at Target, clearance last night!! Much love to the owl print PJ's, Bright Turquoise, less than 15 dollars and toasty warm for my first Christmas Eve and Christmas up north with Mack's family!! 

God with Us

Did you know that Emmanuel means God with Us? I love that name, I think of it during Christmas when God came down to be with us, to walk as a man among us and to ransom us, captives to a life separated from Him!! It was the GREATEST sacrifice and greatest gift EVER!! Thank you Jesus, fully God, fully man, you would have come to earth and traded your life for mine, if I was the ONLY person who needed it! You freed me, you are the BEST gift I could have. 

O come, O come, Emmanuel
And ransom captive Israel
That mourns in lonely exile here
Until the Son of God appear
Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel
Shall come to thee, O Israel.

Merry Christmas!! 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Difficult and EASY

Happy Thursday!!
This will be the last post for the week, save for ONE recipe tomorrow! I am doing all kinds of family, Christmas happiness with Mack's family, YAY!

This week I have done really well with all my goals, including killer workouts and eating clean!! I really tightened up the reigns and am staying focused and on track!! Is it easy?? NO WAY, but it's going to be worth it...of that I am certain!

Bicep day...working as hard as I can!

My co-worker Landon trained me yesterday...shoulders just DEAD.
Love that feeling! We utilized resistance bands to add a challenge with my shoulders that I am not used to! WOW, nothing is more humbling than being taken OUT by a little red resistance band!

 I also had a "healthy pizza" with MACK Wednesday too, I counted it as my "Cheat meal" for the week, it was DE-lish!! I am feeling awesome about my little goals and little actions that I push through daily. It's all the little things that we do that create a lifestyle!!  ALSO, on that note, I am so proud of all my Reverse Resolutions Challenge girls, keeping up with their emails to me, keeping their eye on the prize and on the goal, WAY TO GO!!!

Which came first: Difficult and Easy

All things are Difficult before they are easy. I believe this is very true. Even if what is difficult is simply overcoming the roadblock in our head to START what we know we need to start, to JUMP in, to BE BRAVE, to DO. Often, after we are in the middle of that dreaded THING, we find that the THING itself is not as difficult as we imagined, but the process of getting there was.

Teaching your first group fitness class--getting over that fear of people and finding that you are a natural in front of them, is an example. Starting that hard conversation that needs to be had, and you find the person feels the same, a sigh of relief! Walking into the gym for the first time, that weight watchers meeting, that 12 step meeting for the first time--difficult at first, then you find that most everyone is just like us...afraid to start, afraid of the DIFFICULT things in life.

Of course some things in life are difficult when we get into them, but those are things we can get through, overcome and use as stepping stones and then be equipped to help others!! Using all the difficult things in our lives as learning experiences and putting them in our toolbox to help others on their path is the BEST way to make use of difficulty!  Not that I ENJOY difficult things, but over the past four years of my life: stepping into sobriety, getting emotionally healthy, changing careers, learning where my value comes from, learning what true love looks like, all a VERY amazing lessons, all VERY difficult and all PRICELESS to have in my tool box. Yes, now being sober is easy, embracing my value in Christ my King is second nature, being a trainer feel like I was BORN to do it. Not at first, but after that season of difficulty, things became "easier", lessons tucked securely away for when someone else needs them.

Thank you!
To all my amazing clients for a great year, a wonderful experience! It's so rewarding to share in your joys and successes!! One client gave me a desk calendar called Paths To God--it's FULL color and so beautiful, much needed to, as keeping up with my busy days is often a bit of a challenge!

It is SO nice and such a sweet gesture!!
I can't WAIT to use it starting January one and use it all the way through this coming year! I just know 2012 will be FILLED with fantastic experiences and BLESSINGS from God, much bigger than I every anticipated, it's so totes how our heavenly Father works!!

What is the MOST difficult challenge you have
faced and found blessing on the other side?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Try again, Fail Again, Fail Better

My, my, my Christmas week. 
I am ALMOST ready: 

pink disco hat-check! 
gifts wrapped-check! 
plans to meet Mack's family-check!
Christmas music enjoyed-check!

White, Minnesota maybe not...  
I will get back to you on that one!

Speaking of AMAZING Christmas music, check out Annie Lennox rock out glad tidings of Jesus our savior here:

Try again, Fail Again, Fail Better
I am NOT perfect, the blog is a nice accountability tool, but really, lets face it, anyone who has a blog or reads blogs, knows that very rarely does EVERYTHING make its way onto these pages for your eyes to see. If it did, I would confess I may have stayed up too late answering emails and eating my body weight in chocolate chips and marshmallows. How long REALLY would I inspire people if I wasn't aiming as high as I could and not settling for less than my BEST? I can't ask my clients and even people doing my challenges I run to do their best, if I won't put my best effort in. So, I TRY again, this time, not aiming to fail, but just to be better! 

Ce la vie.  

INSTEAD: I am focused on my successes!! I have been lifting towards my goal of my first figure competition which is in March and eating about 70% CLEAN, so I have a little work to do!  Lifting to build muscle and working on eating as clean as possible aiming for a lean figure competition ready body, less than 18 weeks to go!! 

Body Fat percentages: I am up! 
One slight error that I made was NOT keeping my BF in check, or having it checked regularly!! I was doing it every month or three weeks from May right up until September, 26th to be exact! Then, a week later, I ran my marathon and didn't check my body fat again or even run on a regular basis again till....well this past Saturday. GULP. OK, Cool. 

So after work, I asked a co-worker to "pinch" me with the body fat calipers! 
I was up three pounds, and my pinches showed I was up about 2.24 percent from when I was pinched in September. Still at that time I was knee deep in marathon training and eating as clean as ever.  

Overall I went from 25.2% Body fat, in May of 2011 to 13.96% body fat in September and up to 16.20 this past week. Most of the percentages were measured with a hand held machine, but the last 2 were measured with a caliper, which is more accurate!  I am not worried about those few percentage points, I am working hard to gain muscle and am aiming to add about 7-9 pounds of lean body weight before I really start to lean out for the show! Just like losing you can aim to gain 1 pound of muscle per week. As I sit right now, my lean mass is at 103 pounds, so I have some work to do. The way to check that? Get pinched weekly! EEK! 

I have my meal plan from Coach T, of what to eat and when, I have her email support, I have my support system in place, I have 3 pounds of chicken breasts in the house and my blog to keep me on track... speaking of, I will be doing a week of food blogging come the new year, just like I did in 2010! For your fun and for my accountability!! HERE we GO!! 

This is what a figure suit looks like, I REALLY love these colors and think I will get something similar!! 
Have you ever thought of doing a show like this? What is your biggest concern?? 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend of workouts!

First of all, happy MONDAY! 
Second, congrats to ANN from 12 in Twelve on winning the BodyBuilding dot com giveaway!! 

Congrats Ann, drop me an email! 

SOO, It was a weekend of workouts! 
It felt so good, I loved it. Friday night, Mack came to the gym to get started on his lifting routine, I am putting together a few things for him to do! Super pumped, but we were super tired too, shortly after we went on a trek for the perfect Christmas gift!! It was SO worth it to drive a short 40 min with MACK to pick it up! Have you ever driven a long way to get the PERFECT thing? 

Mack, tired after Chest and triceps

Saturday we made the BEST Fried Egg Sammies: 
Fried Eggs, bacon, onions, avocado, tomato and spinach...they were a work of ART and about as big as our heads!! 


Look at all that green! I just love elaborate sammies and this one is SO good! Anytime I have the chance to add avocado to a sandwich I will! SO good!! 

A Fun Four Miles
Mack took me on his fave four mile route that he runs, right by a lake as well, but not one of my lakes. It was a nice run, it was SO warm this weekend, 45's in Minnesota in December, that's practically against the law! It was a WINNING run though, a nice urban challenge!

Will he catch me??? 

THEN we had a holiday party to go to!! I had a little blue dress I was dying to wear, it was from forever 21 and I LOVE it!! It was a party with all my amazing co-workers! We had an awesome time and even played the Wii Sports for a while, I am NOT a big video game fan, but do love the Wii. I'm not good, but I love it. Do you use your Wii for the games or for working out as well?? I have heard really good things about it and know a few friends that use it in place of video's and such for in home! 

OFF to the gym for me, it's teaching class, training clients and getting my own workout in today!! Only 18 weeks till my first figure SHOW!! I am stepping up the game plan this week!! I will keep you updated!!  

What are YOU doing today to be ALL ready for the holidays?? 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Fitness Foundation & Whey Review!!

This week I was DETERMINED to get some good cardio into my routine and getting cardio in felt like WORK. for some reason (ahem, ahem) cardio lately has felt REALLY hard mentally to step back into. I think I may have been a little burned out from my last Marathon. BUT, I asked for encouragement on Facebook and my friends delivered with words of encouragement and lots of great advice! 

Yesterday  I went for a run and it was HARD, fast and good. Seriously, it was 30 degrees and partly sunny, why wouldn't you put on that pink camo hat and run??  Although I felt great, I felt as if I am starting from much farther back in my progress than if I had been diligent about keeping up the level of running I was at after my last Marathon. 

Building The Foundation
Like any successful, program, routine or relationship, our workouts need a strong foundation! Rest, water, fuel, good food and some solid weeks under our belt of being consistent really help us build a foundation for our fitness and for me, getting my running back into shape. 

If we don't build a solid foundation, we are asking for trouble: Injury, failure, burnout, set back instead of success! 

The importance of a foundation in SO many area's of life is hitting home lately. We can't build a career without knowledge and understanding, we can't build relationships if getting to know the person is stalled, we can't be certain of our faith unless we are focused on an unchanging loving God.   

We create enough concerns in our own lives and enough problems that stem from not having a solid foundation that I think we take for granted the foundation in our fitness: 

Here are some pointers to your 
Fitness Foundation: 
  • Build up: lift light, moderate to heavy! We want to aim for heavy lifts, but need to create a foundation first! 
  • Core and balance: focus each day on a few core (abdominal and low back exercises) 
  • Build your walking and running up to a mileage, or time that you desire. On the way, throw in some incline work to build endurance
  • Always properly fuel and hydrate before and after workouts. This will build a firm foundation for the next time you hit the gym.
  • Balance your favorite workouts with cross-training: Run, bike, swim, stretch, lift and Rest!! 
  • ALWAYS research what you are doing, ask for help with form and technique, avoid injury by taking time to LEARN how to properly lift, run, stretch, swing etc... build that foundation so you CAN GROW and become stronger safely!! 

 Have you ever got burned out on one thing or one exercise like I did on running? 


On my plate for review today is the Whey Protein! The winner of the giveaway gets chocolate, but I was given vanilla to try and review! I love it, it mixes well and tastes great.  

This brand specifically helps with protein retention and uses NitroZyme to help breakdown long and short chain amino acids into more readily absorbing amino acids...power packed! 

  • High biological value (BV) protein*
  • Advanced cross flow micro-filtration and ion exchange process
  • Very low in fat (1 gram per serving)
  • Fortified with 1 gram of L-Glutamine per serving
  • Mixes instantly
  • Great tasting
  • No Aspartame
  • No artificial sweeteners or flavors

Thanks again to BodyBuilding dot com for the amazing goods gifted to me to review and for the GREAT giveaway!! You have till FIVE PM today to enter!! Remember good nutrition, diet and proper fueling with supplements like these are the best way to build your fitness foundation!! Start small and STAY STRONG during your journey!! 

HAPPY FRIDAY, have an amazing weekend!!

The smallest seed of faith is better than the largest fruit of happiness ~Thoreau

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Food Tracking

Is this week FLYING by or what?? I have so much going on and the days and weeks are just FLYING by! 

SO, for my road to a Figure Competition this spring, my coach is creating a personalized meal plan for me. 
Here is my confession: I NEEED it. Badly. Figure competition or not. 
I knew my eating was slacking lately. There are a million good reasons why that's so and only ONE reason that matters and that is, I have not made it a priority. PERIOD.  

FOOD Tracking
So, I am coming clean for you, because I had  to come clean on my food journal. My coach asked me to write out what I eat daily. I did it and then hung my head in shame. 

Here is what I sent coach T: 
What I ate this summer is different than now. :( Lately my new schedule is much busier and I often feel crunched for time. 

Examples of meals:

Breakfast: coffee and cream, sometimes a croissant or scone on a bad day OR oats on a good day, 3 eggs and 3 chicken sausages on a really good day

snack: protein shake or oats or some kind of protein bar (ick, processed)

Lunch: Spinach salad with chicken breast OR oats or roasted veggies and quinoa.

Snack: almonds, dried fruit, protein bar

Supper gets tough at work: A single chicken breast, and veggies of some kind if I can, deli food from the co-op, or a salad from Subway

Late night: Maybe fruit and nuts with chocolate chips, OR ice cream like Arctic Zero or coconut bliss etc. OR I will eat oats or eggs for a late snack, often it's BEFORE the chocolaty snack. 


What does food tracking do? 
~ It makes you face what you know, don't want to see, or admit.
~ It helps you see problem areas
~ It helps you see problem times and where these problems are associated with emotions or stress...
~ It keeps you accountable
~ It keeps you honest
~ It helps you take aim and be the
version of you, that you want to be.

I am not perfect! I love clean eating, I fall short, I restart, I do well, I breakdown, I start over again. It's all GOOD. All a process. Writing down what I have been prone to eat lately has done all of this for me.

Next step, get my body fat done at the gym. I haven't tracked it since 9-26-11 and since I am getting down and dirty in my starting, restarting place, I may as go all the way. After all the only way out is through and the only direction to go is UP!!

Do you track your food? Are you honest? Do you share with others on your blog or have a friend who is there for you?? 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Giveaway: BodyBuilding dot com Combo Pack!

THIS is just what Friday needs....another amazing giveaway!!!

Have you heard me talk about how much I love body Well, I do. I am on body space, I buy from them, I wear their clothing, LOVE the site. I am THRILLED to say that contacted me to do a give away of some of their amazing supplements that are being used in conjunction with Jamie Eason's 12 week Live Fit Trainer Program (I recommend a workout like that program, you can find it on Facebook!)

Jamie’s approach combines exercise, nutrition (I have posted her Pumpkin Protein bar recipe!), and supplementation. Jamie uses her training program herself to maintain the amazing physique she’s had for years.

In addition to a healthy diet and the right exercise routine, an ESSENTIAL part to building and maintaining lean muscle mass is the right combination of supplements!

Well, Body sent me TWO LiveFit women's combos--Optimum Opti-Women Multi-Vitamins, Optimum BCAA’s (great for supporting lean muscle growth), MRM 100% All Natural Whey and MRM Smart Blend (Omega 3’s!). And ONE lucky reader will get ALL of the supplements which is over 60 dollars in value and PRICELESS for your work in the gym!!

For one LUCKY winner!!

Over the next week, I will be reviewing each of the individual supplements and let you know how I like them and what their combined effectiveness is for me and my routines. I have been using my set for almost 2 weeks now and LOVE them.

BCAA: Amino Acids

BCAA 1000 contains a balance of Branched Chain Amino Acids, which are building blocks of muscle mass and size. Metabolized directly in the muscle, BCAAs, may improve nitrogen retention by sparing other amino acid groups for repair and rebuilding.

Essential BCAA is used in building muscle, and metabolized IN the muscle, not the liver which means they are more likely to directly build and less likely to be used in fueling. Once the amino acids are absorbed into the bloodstream they have far reaching effects across the entire body. Amino acids are involved in muscle repair (lean muscle building), essential brain functions and even hair growth--whohoo, long locks thanks to BCAA!

I alternate between taking these guys directly after a workout where I am lifting heavy ( or lifting at all) and right before bed to help my muscles continue to repair and grow overnight.  I LOVE taking BCAA and have noticed a difference in size since taking them in general. I have been taking the ON BCAA's for about 2 weeks now and would recommend them to everyone!

ONE lucky winner will receive all FOUR items I am reviewing: Optimum Opti-Women Multi-Vitamins, Optimum BCAA’s, MRM 100% All Natural Whey and MRM Smart Blend!

Enter to WIN:
1)  Leave ONE comment below telling me your goal that you are working toward in the gym or with your fitness that these amazing supplements will help with!

Guys, it's a PERFECT holiday gift for your gym loving gal!!

DEETS: You MUST be a US resident to enter. Contest runs from Friday December 9th to Friday December 16th at 5pm Central time. One Entry per person via comments, you MUST submit a valid email address with the entry if not a follower. A winner will be chosen at random from all the participants and announced on December 17th. The winner will receive the Combo within one week and is to contact me with in 7days of winning or a new winner will be chosen.  

Watch for the other THREE reviews this week, but be sure and comment on this post to be eligible to win!! GOOD LUCK, have a GREAT WEEKEND and remember, no one can do your push-ups for you! Take care and take charge!


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