Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pampered, heavy and a winner!

The Conair Scale Giveaway winner is..... 

Michelle Leach!! 

Huge Congrats!! Michelle-email me and we will get your winning scale out to you ASAP! 

I am aiming heavy in the weight room lately. I am not as lean as I was this summer, something about having an aversion to cardio and running which has resulted in my not hitting my one goal. #timetostartover
Lifting heavy is going great though, so I am happy with that...working on building muscle and for the past 2 weeks, everything has been sore. Every week I am hitting each muscle group hard and feeling the burn. It's time to build and I really feel like it's happening and finally without long weekend runs that push me in the opposite direction of this certain goal! 
This coming week I am starting a NEW routine and amping up my clean eating diet so that it's geared more towards my upcoming figure competition! 

Simple as this--I pampered myself this past week! I got my nails AND my toes done! The ladies at my salon are always blessing me and doing amazing things for me, throwing things in free or services for way less. LOVE THEM! Feeling pampered can boost all kinds of morale for me. Often, clients I talk with will use things like a Mani-Pedi as a reward for meeting a goal or achieving what they wanted to in their diet and workout for the week, but to pamper for the sake of pampering is sometimes a great motivator too.... I feel pretty...oh so pretty...

AND I am feeling pampered by Mack. NEVER in my life have I had something like this. He is my best friend, hands down!! And he's adorable too and he loves the blog. A girl couldn't ASK for anymore, especially when he is the one seeking, pursuing and doing all the asking. 
*Le Sigh*

TOMORROW: An amazing Giveaway launching from BodyBuilding dot com. You do NOT want to miss out on it! IF you have fitness goals you are going after, you will want in on this!! 


Jin said...

cute mani and pedi!!! too bad that I missed out on your last giveaway :(

Happy Thursday!

musicmom24 said...

So happy you are happy! He's a real cutie!!

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