Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You won't want to come near me....

I PROMISE you that. 

This is going to be a shorter post with a twist at the end. I have a project that I have PROCRASTINATED ON and now my next 5 days will nearly be consumed by it. Oh well, it's a fun one and it's my own sweet little fault ( I WAS busy the past 2 months, a lot can happen to a girl in 2 months.) 

WHY won't you want to come near me? 

I am OOZING garlic from every pore. 

Let's start from the beginning: Hi , My name is Mary and I am a salad dressing girl. Ranch, thousand island, french, ranch, yes even blue cheese. And I don't dip my fork and pick up my salad, I pour it on...not too thick, but there isn't anything dainty about me and my salad dressing. 

Well, this past holiday season Mom was over and we stopped and got groceries for a big chicken and spinach salad. Simple enough: Chicken, onions, croutons on spinach. For dressing Mom wanted to use olive oil to which I rolled my eyes. But I had never tried it I agreed. 

Well, we added fresh crushed garlic to the olive oil and then I added a little lemon juice and Whoa nelly. It was zesty, flavorful and had that kick that a plain little healthy salad needs. Now, I can't get enough.  

Last night I made the same salad (onions added post picture and ground flax instead of croutons)

Garlic Close up...drool. I LOVE this dressing. 

Do you ever use olive oil as dressing? Do you add to it? 

I usually have a lot of garlic in my diet because I love the taste, but it's extremely beneficial for us as well! 

handy, huge food cures book! 

Garlic Benefits: 
lowers cholesterol
powerful antioxidant
reduced blood pressure
evil repellant
cancer fighting
rich in Vitamin C and B6 and manganese

Use it: 
in soups
On salads
to make dressings
in stir-fry
in home made pizza sauce
Pasta sauce and topping
take it plain for colds
The list goes on and on.... 

Garlic is best if... 
Chopped or crushed and left to sit for 10 min
Used Raw
Not heated to the microwave
taken daily to boost the natural benefits! 
Eaten with someone else, also eating garlic... 

The twist: 
What is UP with the fish eye lens setting on a camera. When would you EVER use it save for looking goofy or pretend someone is peering at you from a tube?? Do tell...I am stumped.

playing with the fish eye feeling stumped. 

Send me your favorite recipe using garlic and I will post them all in the coming week with a link to your blog! 

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