Monday, January 10, 2011

Chobani WINNER and the scale!

Weighing in

This Don't Gain Maintain challenge was most definitely not about the scale. It was not about a gain or a loss, but about the accountability of keeping our actions in check and checking in with OTHERS regardless of whether or not we saw the results we wanted, after all that's part of the process.  

But the scale is a slippery slope. I don't use mine daily or even weekly. I have in the past but it can be a slippery slope where we hop on and scrutinize every little .5 gain or loss. Our weight can change everyday, throughout the day and there are so many factors that influence it! Here are just a few ways to KEEP from stressing out about the number on the scale: 

1) Take a photo of your face/body once a week for 6-8 weeks and compare them side to side as you are on your journey. Make sure to have the pictures be in the same spot and the same  You will see the weight loss in your photos and have a unique before/during/after set.

2) Go by your clothes. If they are loose then you know you are on track, if they start getting a little tight, you know you have to act. Pick a pair of goal pants and go for those, don't even look at the numbers. 

3) Pick a different number--how many times you made it to the gym, how many miles you walked, how many times you played outside with your kids. Pick some numbers of things that you actually achieved and not just a number on a scale that we want to control (but ends up controlling us.)

4) Journal. When you are feeling like you are not seeing progress, journal about how you are feeling a why. If your feeling heavy that day, tired, defeated. Sit down and but a name to what is going on and then write down ACTION steps to take to remedy that. When we "feel" heavier we are not actually it's often an emotional issue we can work through without food or confirming it on the scale.

5) Gauge your health and fitness journey also in your strength, your speed & your breath. Are you getting faster at your runs, stronger when you hoist groceries from the trunk and more open in your breathing when going up a flight of stairs? Take those off scale victories and rack them up, write them down and revel in them. 

Remember the scale weighs more than just fat pounds, but there are many more indicators that we need to look at for HEALTH. The scale can never weigh your success, it's JUST a number, it's not who you are or how far you have come.  

The winner of the Don't Gain Maintain Challenge for Holiday's 2010 is..... Tracy Manley!! (chosen by random via

Nice work on keeping accountable over the holidays! Tracy: shoot me an email with your contact info and I will get your prizes out to you! Thanks to Chobani for donating a case of their amazing greek yogurt and to Fitness magazine! 

How often do you step on the scale if ever? Have you taken your power back from that number you see?

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