Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Allied Medal Display WINNER!!

And the winner is..... 

Kristi from EatDrinkLoveandExercise! 

Congrats on winning! Please contact me within 7 days so I can get you your code and you can order your custom hanger! 

Thanks to everyone who entered and good luck to everyone out there going after their goals this running season! 

Thanks a million also to Allied Medal Displays and their generosity! I encourage you to stop in and shop there for all the runners and athletes in your life!

Success Story: Living in Love

I LOVE success stories!!

 I am putting an all call out for success stories of ALL KINDS

Do you have a fitness success story, a weight loss success story or did you move past FEAR in your life to find success and freedom?? Then drop me a email (mary@fitthisgirl.com) and I will post your story here (along with appropriate blog plugging of COURSE!) 

Wendi from Living in Love is up first with her wonderful story of weight-loss and her LOVE of running! Take it away Wendi--

Like most of us who have struggled with weight, I have been working on this for most of my life! I don't have any idea what I weighed in high school, and I certainly wasn't the "fat girl" but I wasn't the tiny cheerleader either. 

 When I had a baby at age 19, however, my body changed and would never be the same. In January of 2002, I started a weight loss program (Weight Watchers if you want to say that) for the first time -- I weighed 198.2.
I will NEVER forget that number. I am 5 feet tall, so that was kind of a big deal. I set a goal of 150, and I reached it that fall. I think I weighed 150 for a week, and then slowly 30 pounds began to creep back on. The before picture here is from June 2006.

In January, 2010 I had a doctor appointment and had to get on the scale, and I was somewhat surprised to see I weighed 180. I knew that I wasn't thin, nor was I very active, but I never thought of myself as fat. I went back to my office after the appointment and signed up for Weight Watchers again! 

In addition to diligently tracking my food intake and working more vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and whole grains into my diet, I also started running...A LOT! I had been in track in high school but was terrible at it! 

Last spring I set out from my apartment (I live in Minneapolis, a great city for runners!) determined to run for a whole hour. I had no idea how far that would be because I’d only done a few 5ks in my life and didn’t know what my per-mile pace was. I  mapped it and it as 5 miles, so the very next day I signed up for my first 10K! 

I ran the Get in Gear 10K, a really popular sort of “first run of the season” for us in the city, in the pouring rain and finished at 1:09.

 I signed up for my first half marathon the next week and kept on training! I ran another 10K in July and set a goal of finishing in an hour or less – and I came in at 1:00:07! I ran the inaugural Minneapolis 13.1 (part of the 13.1 series) in August and finished in 2:11:33. 
In November I traveled to San Antonio to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon with the goal of finishing in 2 hours or less. My official time was 1:59:47! 

Turning into a crazy runner helped me take off 50 pounds in 9 months, and it's certainly helping me maintain a healthy, fit body. At the age of 39, I have more energy and enthusiasm for life than I have ever had, and I am working toward becoming a certified personal trainer so that I can help others feel the way I do.

I continue to run all year long in the freezing cold of Minnesota. On January 1, I ran a resolution 10K and blew the doors off my previous time finishing at 55:19. I could hardly believe it, and I’m pretty sure it was because of the 1 degree temperature that I ran that fast! In 2011 I am running a race in every month except July and will begin training for my first marathon in February. 

I will run it a week before I turn 40 and will finish (God willing) alongside my 25-year old sister who is also one of my best friends and will be doing her first marathon! One of my planned races is the Ragnar Great River race in Minnesota in August. I am not part of a team yet, but I have lots of running friends who will add me to theirs! I can hardly wait! 
I have a feeling I will get bitten by the marathon bug, so I am thinking about registering for the Twin Cities marathon in October. Even if I don't ever want to run another 26.2 again,  this is a race I think I should be able say I completed! 

I thank God every day for my health. I am a new person -- not just a thinner and more active person, but a healthy, vibrant woman! I love myself and am excited about all the new things that are in store for me in this year and beyond!

Thanks Wendi! 
HAVE A GREAT TUESDAY, ENJOY your life and do something exceptional today for someone in your life. Go out of your way to extend kindness! 

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