Thursday, January 20, 2011

One Year Later

I can't believe it, but it's mid January already. Not only are today's temps and wind-chills plummeting in Minneapolis, I realized I am exactly one year out from when I started studying for my Personal Training certification.  You can read all about my career change from corporate receptionist to fitness professional in THESE POSTS!

I had been a receptionist for almost 7 years. Sitting behind a desk, doing work I wasn't good at and didn't like. I was afraid to step out into the unknown, the uncomfortable and to a place where I may actually have to step into my true self, my true abilities, my true calling. It was a place that I was AFRAID to go! I was afraid first to fail and second to succeed! 

But I was unhappy in my life, and after being on a journey of faith and self for the last two years, I was not being honest to stay where I was any longer. I was not hiding behind alcohol any more, relationships any more, I wasn't hiding behind food anymore. In order to really truly be myself, I had to stop hiding behind a false position.  

I studies for most of January and February, tested out in March and left my job 2 weeks later with NOTHING lined up.  In a post early march I wrote that I wanted to have a job where I was able to BE these things: 

Someone who helps other
someone who enjoys every day
someone who makes a difference
I want to be who I have ALWAYS been! ME!

Sometimes I felt inadequate. But I know that what I am called to do, I am equipped to do. 

Sometimes I was wondering where the money would come from, but I know that GOD is my source, not my job. My job being really to bring Glory to God and move the kingdom forward. 

Sometimes I struggle(d) with whether I chose right, but I know that the pressure that is in my life now is an ENTIRELY different pressure than being in the wrong job and wrong place. I would never trade them. 

Sometimes I wondered when it was going to be easy since I was on the right path. But I am learning the difference between Easy and EASE. Just because something isn't easy doesn't mean we can't be fully enjoying it and that it isn't exactly where we should be. 

Sometimes I look at everything that I have been through this past year and I am astounded. 

Did I do everything fearlessly? 

Step out without a job- only a vision, take on 3500 dollars fundraising with no idea of my own income, trusting the process that when I obey God it will bring good, being vulnerable in a new career where I don't know all the answers, open myself up to all new ways of thinking...did all of this happen without Fear? 

NO, but I moved through the fear. I felt it and did it anyway.  

We MUST know who we are and who's we are to move confidently through fear and step by step take our rightful place in our own lives. No one else can do your pushups for you, no one else can move through your fear and take your power back, no one else can be YOU, walk your path and make the difference YOU are meant to make. 

So one year later, I am a personal trainer and specialty group fitness instructor running boot camps, teaching kettlebells and working on some BIG projects personal and business for the coming year. Not only am I working for a great company, I am on my own as well! 

I don't have the answers, but I can find them. I take my power back when I feel fear and do it anyway. I work with ease and face challenges with excitement knowing it's all part of life. I step out into the unknown now, with confidence in my path and faith in my source.  

I am SO excited that its been a full year, it's been such a wonderful journey and one that is still so full of promise of the years to come!

LOCAL Boot Camp February!

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WHAT:  Boot Camp conditioning is a 60 min, full body strength, cardio and toning workout. Please wear workout clothes and tennis shoes. We will be focusing on body weight exercises, plyometrics, interval training and incorporating some specialty fitness such as kettlebells to blast fat & increase strength and toning! 

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