Sunday, January 23, 2011

60 Salads in 60 days Challenge

This weekend was a busy and good one filled with COLOR! 
I had an ice skating date which was SO much fun! I am so thankful for someone I can be active with and have fun! I had a "new" outfit on for the occasion too, including a Bright, sparkly scarf! 

We went to the old Train Depot in Minneapolis which was converted into a rink, hotel, water park etc. It's really warm and nice! They even had the mirror ball going at one point. 

I am looking forward to a lot of active dates: 
trips to the gym
hiking & 
if I am lucky a little tennis!

What is your favorite date activity to stay active & healthy?? 

The rest of the weekend was JUST as colorful with the greenest green monster I have had in a long time! Spinach, banana, soymilk and a little protein powder! 

I picked up a little set of medium turquoise bowls too! I LOVE the color and they are perfect serving sizes! 

60 Salads in 60 Days:
I am taking the 60 salads in 60 days challenge on Facebook. Click to join the group and join in the challenge! Goal: Incorporate a salad into our diet daily for the next 2 months! 

I could definitely use some accountability like this, just to make sure I get my green foods in and keep things light, we are not out of the winter tunnel yet and comfort foods, heavy foods, carb heavy meals are still calling me. When really, salads are just as easy (IF NOT easier) to make.  

Why not incorporate a salad into everyday? 
you get your veggie servings in
you feel more full before meals
you can feel satisfied using fewer calories
you can be more creative with toppings than any other meal... AND 
They are pretty to photograph!

Salad #1 Spinach, grilled peppers, grilled Zucchini, tuna, chia seeds, garlic, lemon juice & olive oil dressing!  

What is your favorite salad topping and do you think you will join the Facebook group and make your 60 Salads in 60 Days official? Do you follow Me on FB? Check it out and Happy Monday! 

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