Thursday, January 27, 2011

RunKeeper Review

Almost there!! Where? The weekend! When your Monday through Thursday are as whirlwind as mine usually are, a little weekend downtime is welcome!  

Yesterday I tested RunKeeper which I downloaded for my Android phone over the holidays. It's a FREE download on your phone (available for iphones also) and tracks your mileage via GPS, your time to run that mileage and even maps out where you have gone. 

Then it automatically updates the RunKeeper website and facebook and twitter with: 

 calories burned
 and a link to your RunKeeper profile with a map of your route. From there, your friends can see your progress or steal your running loop for their own! 

It's like daily mile on drugs and I love it!! 

Yesterday it only tracked part of my run, but I failed to "wait" for the GPS to kick in before I pressed the start activity button. After you start that button, you set it and forget it (Anyone here me on that one?). You can be on the web, make calls or just tuck your phone away on your person and press stop when you are through, RunKeeper runs in the background and tracks the whole time. 

It can be used to track any kind of activity as well, walking, cycling even group fitness classes! It's SO easy to use and for safety I always have my phone on me when I run anyway, it makes perfect sense to use an App like this. 

On the main RunKeeper website you can check other people's routes, friend athletes in your area and find races. It will even tell you your PR for times or distance based on what it has previously tracked. 

I will be using it every time I run! Speaking of, I have been doing a great job of running to work and back, even if I carry a bag with me, I just attempt to pack light and look at it as resistance training! I don't mind the cold or the dark but sometimes running in snow is tiring. 

60 Salad's in 60 Days

The challenged I joined up with on FB is going REALLY well so far! I am proud of my own accountability for making sure I have a salad daily! Day two was less of a salad and more of a SUPER green green monster again, but with 2 cups of spinach in it, I counted it! 

Day three was this beauty: 
Spinach, tuna, chia seeds, almonds, craisin's, onions and poppy seed dressing! It was sweet and a little tangy because of the onions. YUM! 
Are you taking the challenge or have you been trying to incorporate more salads anyway? 

What is your favorite Salad topping?? 

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