Thursday, February 3, 2011

Creating Momentum around Goals...

OK Folks! January 2011 is behind us. 
How are you doing?? 

This year, I didn't create resolutions, I didn't attempt to start a new regime on 1/1/11 and I didn't create a system that would set me up to fail like I had so often in the past. 
I just picked some goals and  focused on cultivating JOY and motion in my life! 

However, all of that being said, plenty of people DO create resolutions.  Are they holding? Are you already going back to square one? 
Let's hear an update and use the comments to LIFT EACH other up as so many of us are on the same path and have been for a while! 

Here are three quick thoughts on creating a system of success and momentum around your goals and resolutions you set!

Goal work 
Pick big goals and then weekly and monthly map out small goals that will take you on the path to your destination. Not only will you feel less overwhelmed with getting to THE goal, but you will get to ENJOY all the little ones along the way. 
Set a 10% weight loss goal, a 100$ savings goal as the first stop to that car, Purge one room a month till your done. By checking off little goals through out the coming months you will find that you CREATE momentum toward your big goal and will be close in no time!

Here's the amazing tool I have discovered this past year:  People in our lives are there to support us, guide us and teach us.  Good friends let us into their lives, GREAT friends let us into our own. They serve as a mirror for us to look into and learn from. They rally around us and help us become better people by who they are Iron Sharpens Iron and we won't get sharper, smarter or get where we are supposed to go if we are trying to be sharpened against a dull surface. 

 That saying "Aim for the moon and if you fall short you will land among the stars" really has truth in it. Boost your ambition--aim higher and bigger than you have before!  If not today, then when? If others are doing it, why aren't you? If you are anything like me, it maybe a bit of an issue with what we are really worth. But over this past year, I have had a number of people remind me and straight up tell me that I sell my worth short. If you do that, you will fall short in your ambitions. What do you think you CAN REALLY DO, REALLY ACHIEVE? How far or fast CAN YOU REALLY GO? Let's find out... 

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