Sunday, February 6, 2011

Get your game face on...

The Super Bowl. 
It's kind of a big deal. 

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 Approximately $55 million will be spent on Super Bowl food this year.

Super Bowl Sunday is the No. 2 food-consumption day of the year.

Ten million man-hours is spent on Super Bowl food preparation.
For me, it's a time to be social, wear something cute and eat some GOOOD food!! 

Here are my TOP five tips on eating healthy 
& keeping a handle on our habits!! 

1) WATER! You know your favorite athletes will be hydrating for the big day, you should do the same! Bring your own water or fave beverage so you are SURE that you will have what you want on hand! If you are bringing the brew-ski's, just alternate beer and water!  Drink a bottle of water between quarters to stay full and help flush those toxins through your body! 

2) Eat before game time! Don't fast all day and then wait to just stuff your face at the party! Eat like you normally would--make sure to have your regular well balanced lunch and afternoon snack, that way you won't be overly hungry and want to splurge at the super buffet of super snacks.  

3) Plate Half full- two tips here. USE SMALL PLATES! Don't grab a huge dinner plate the size of your head, grab a mid sized plate that when full, is still smaller than you would normally take. It's an old trick that works every time--you eat less and visually it seems like your eating more.  
Two-- Fill HALF your plate with veggies and skip some of the chicken wings. After all, it's more about having fun and being with friends than the food right? Right? 

my outfit-I am rooting for healthy choices!

4) Once a quarter! Instead of eating ALL the way through the game, get up once a quarter and get a "small" plate of your favorites, including half veggies. This way, you are eating 4 small plates (IF that) instead of grazing and eating through the WHOLE game. 

5) Eat only your favorite foods--did your friend bring her 5 alarm fire chili that she ONLY makes for the super bowl? Then have at it and by pass the chips and salsa you can have anytime! Secret recipe sweet and sour meatballs on the table? Have at it, just skip the store bought cookies! You will feel better when you consciously CHOOSE foods you love over eating everything available. Be deliberate and own your choices. 

What is your hands down favorite food when you watch the super bowl? 
Enjoy the day and enjoy the game!! 

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