Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter Running Tips!

It's very much still winter. 
I very much still want to run outside. 

I have been braving it regardless of the frigid temps and even wind chills, yesterday morning, Alyssa and I braved it together in our face masks, we are the Ninja Running club! 

Winter Running: 
Anyone can do it and have a great experience, there are just a few tips to follow. 

1) Layer! Of course, it's a hard and fast rule of fashion AND of winter running! Layering clothes is the best way to stay warm and be able to control your body temp! Start with a wicking shirt or a thin smart wool brand shirt against your skin and go from there. Pulling moisture off your body in cold temps will keep you warmer! 

I have been able to wear smart wool on my feet with my quite thin Nike Free and am still warm!  Your outer layer should be a wind breaker and water proof, also, I suggest masks for your face vs. a scarves. 

2) Safety gear! Wear reflective clothing, lights, your Road ID and something to keep you from slipping! Screw covers like mine or products like Yak Trax help you keep your traction on the ice and slippery snow, so you can  go, go without any worry! Other good safety tips are: carry a phone, don't run after dark or on a strange route and always tell someone where you are going. 

3) 20 degree rule: Dressing 20 degree's warmer than the air temp is the best way to assure you will be warm, but not over heat! For instance if you are running in 20 degree weather, dress like it's going to feel 40 degrees! Using layers of course and making sure you can move and run in all of them. IF need be, the outer or second outer layer should be able to come off or even just open for ventilation. 

4) Use your head! If the wind chill is plunging everything below zero, really ask yourself if it is: 1) wise to run outside and 2 ) necessary to run outside. There's just added risk when the weather turns bitter cold. It's been done: 20 milers on the treadmill, sprints in a gym. Maybe hit up a boot camp to work on your conditioning instead, just be smart about winter running so you can have many warm and cool seasons ahead. In the mean time... spring? Are you there??  

Quick Super Bowl update!
The food was great and I ate like I wanted to! I had a lot of veggies, a few chips and a few AMAZING little ham rolls! I sat behind a bowl of M&M's and I think I dipped in 3 times? Not too shabby. I met some of my sweethearts friends for the first time, one who brought a Weight Watchers homemade spread for crackers! It was great! 

Small PLATES!! YEE! 


Weight watchers Zucchini spread with ricotta cheese and lemon zest...SO good. Anyone know of that recipe? I am not really a football fan, but the game was good too....

How cold does it get where you live? Are you mostly an indoor runner/walker?

Trader Joes, Salad & slowing down

I have been doing great with my salad challenge!

 Last night was a quick little Ceasar from pre-made salad land, but this week I used 2 great items from Trader Joe's to up the salad experience! 

Sesame Soy Ginger Vinaigrette is sweet and tangy and fat free! It was a wonderful topping to the salad below: spinach, beets, cauliflower, dates and almonds.

It was great, but I believe it could have used some grilled chicken! It needed that little something else, but the overall experience was wonderful! 

Next up the Cumin & Chili Chickpeas! This whole 8oz bag was less than two dollars and I used it a number of times! Both salads were sans meat, so using something like chickpeas to have a savory, meaty feel to the salad was exactly what it needed! 

And savory it was! Spinach, onion, shredded carrot, chickpea's and lemon and olive oil! Simple and savored! 

Slowing down: 

It's been really helpful to take part in this challenge because it's a daily reminder to get my greens in, to eat healthier and to slow DOWN and take the time to make your food! 

Picking the toppings
chopping the items
washing everything

All steps that we have to take to make a salad that cause us to slow down a little and really think about what we are eating and what we are doing when we eat. We take time to chose and see what we are feeding our bodies. 

Other ways of preparing food to help us SLOW down: 

Juicing or Blending where clean up is tedious
skipping the microwave, opting for oven or stove top to cook and reheat (tastes better too!)
Slow cooking in a crock pot or dutch oven
eating RAW (that takes time, patience and dedication)
eating organic or leaving out all processed foods

What do you do that helps you slow down and focus on your food in an effort to be healthy? 

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