Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The ultimate key to success

I have found the key to ultimate success. 
It's in the kitchen and it's with in myself. 

It is emptying the dish washer right away when the clean dishes are clean. 
It's something I try to do never do. 
Till today. 

Life's ultimate keys to success are buried deep within this simple act. They are: 

1) Take responsibility for your actions - when we own our actions and the things we do and say, we find our power. EVEN if those actions, words, thoughts etc are less than favorable, taking responsibility for them puts us in a place of power from where we can really be genuine. 

Did I spill tomato soup on my counter and not wipe it up for 3 days? Did I leave my bowls with oatmeal crusted up the sides for 3 days because the dish washer was full? 


 Yep, I am gross, and I did. Emptying the dishwasher right away of clean dishes will leave me no excuse. I won't be able to say "yeah, but..."I will have to take responsibility. And it will help me take responsibility in other area's too...no excuses!  

2) Do things right away- WHY didn't I wipe up the soup or take care of the dishes? Because I had SO much other things to do. No, those are excuses. Answer the phone when it rings, rinse the dish when your done, pay your bills when they come in the mail, OPEN the mail when it comes (boy do I have a story for you on this one!). I used to use the statement that said "Do it. Do it right. Do it right now." 

3) There are no little tasks- the little stuff IS the big stuff. All the BIG stuff in live is, is little actions that add up. So the little stuff matters, it creates the big stuff, it encompasses our everyday! The habits that we allow or nurture, whether good or bad become our reality over time. Besides, all the learning experiences in life and all the valuable lessons are in the little things we strive to be present in!  Make the little stuff the big stuff and the big stuff will be better... 

4) Be ready when life calls.  In ALL honesty, I used to be SUCH a messy person and had so much clutter in my life that I could not have people over at the drop of a hat. It kept me from having fun, it robbed my freedom and it was a holding cell that I built myself. We want to be ready when life calls (or that hot date who says he's in your neighborhood and wants to stop by). We want to be available when opportunity knocks, prepared when we step across a once in a life, month or day opportunity. All of the other tips above this one, help us to be ready to answer when life calls. You won't regret it. 

5) Working smarter not harder is key. The smart thing to do is unload the dishwasher: It allows me to move forward, it keeps my kitchen clean, it makes dishes accessible to use and takes less time than waiting till it HAS to be done. These are ALL things in life that give us an advantage. Anticipating needs and working with the future in mind, knowing that working smarter today will save time, energy and present greater opportunities for us is a step we can't afford to not take! 

I am going to take it are you?? NOT only am I going to unload that proverbial dishwasher daily, I am going to reap the benefits of it along the way. And I will always have a clean spoon for my oatmeal. 

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