Thursday, February 10, 2011

Simplicity and stress!

My Friend Alyssa is a new blogger 

You should check out all the changes in her life over the last few months and all her new adventures! We bonded at the gym this summer because we both wholeheartedly jumped ship from our corporate jobs with just a LITTLE net below us and hope for wings! We rock!  

Alyssa is all about creating reality around her goals in life and has a vision board she is working from just like many of us. She is also all about being frugal and exploring the world of living simply!  Me? I want to simplify life, but I like going out (tooo much!) Last weekend met in the middle and decided to go out AND be smart about it -- we grabbed my 10$ gift card to the Uptown Cafeteria and Support Group in Minneapolis and took off to have the cheapest brunch we could! 

What we found? 3 $ fried egg sammies with cheese and FRIES hidden underneath! We also got 3 $ chips and salsa, bringing our whopping total to 9 bucks before tax ( and before my americano...)

We also found what I want for valentines day: 
Yep, one of everything!

Stress and Simplicity: 

There is all kinds of information out there on health and stress and lets face it the internet is an often frustrating. Everyone has an opinion and every website has a post on health and stress. But what about the links between simplicity and stress...what about living simply helps create an environment of ease and reduces stress? 

Stress can do all kinds of nasty things to our bodies, minds, even our skin, not to mention being a contributor to larger health concerns like obesity, cancer, ulcers and depression. So, does living simply or living frugally reduce stress and sickness? 

fear/ strife

These are ALL things that I associate with stress OR they are results of being stressed.  How can we move away from these outcomes or these triggers? Here are a few idea's:

Work at what you love, love your work. This creates a place where we are working to better others and from a place where we are giving because we want to be contributors, not consumers. 

Buy only what you need, what you REALLY need. Try eating ALL the food in your house before buying more. Try giving away a piece of clothing when you bring another home (this will keep you from buying!) Find the overflow in your life and GIVE to others from that...

Excess stuff and possessions: Our outward appearance is a reflection of what's going on inside: clutter, mayhem, the junk piling up at your place? Do your things own you? 

Eat simpler! Avoid processed foods, eat cleaner, try going organic or local for a week or a month at a time. Getting back to the basics will not only make you feel better, it will give you more energy!

Eliminate debt and give money away! You will gain more and generous people are happier too--happiness reduces stress--careful, don't ignore bills to be generous, but you can give of your time too. 

Say no, to people, obligations, negative thoughts..learn to stand in what you want and in what you need for yourself and you will be happier, have more time and more energy to really give back. Saying no helps you say YES to the really important things. 

What is your biggest way you like to operate in Simplicity? 

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