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Success Story: Fat Little Legs

I LOVE success stories

-- you know I do! I went through my own and am still on it and I have been asking for yours so I can share them!  Sarah who writes over at Fat Little Legs has one to share today & I hope you find inspiration in it and take something away from it. Enjoy!! 

I'm Sarah. I'm 33 years old, and after being fat nearly my whole life (yes I just used the “F” word) - I am no longer defined as such.

You see ... as of today I've managed to lose 116 pounds! 

  I often seriously wonder how I let myself get so fat.  I let it happen over many years.  It defined who I was and how I lived my life.  I was the fat kid, the fat teenager, the fat bride, and finally the fat pregnant lady. I loved myself, I had good friends and family, and I felt people accepted me, so at the time I really didn’t think it was affecting my life.  I was wrong! 

It all came crashing down around me on August 9, 2007.   That was the night that my sweet son was born.  In the blogging world, I call him "L".  He was born 5 weeks early, weighed 3 lbs 4 oz, and spent 27 days in the NICU at the hospital. He was born early because I developed HELLP syndrome - a very serious and rare from of preeclampsia that can lead to liver failure and has a 25% maternal death rate. “L” and I, we're lucky. We both came out of it relatively unscathed. Sure, he's a little small, but it hasn't effected his ability to flourish one bit.  After “L” was born I continued my old way of eating for over a year before I was finally told flat out by my doctor that my weight was likely a "contributing factor" to my pregnancy issues. I was advised to lose weight prior to any more pregnancies. WOW! I almost killed myself and this sweet little boy.  And so, the very next week - on October 16th, 2008.  I walked into Weight Watchers and vowed to change myself.  I had to... I had that sweet little boy to think about now.   From the beginning I felt driven, like nothing could stop me this time.  This was about so much more than me now.

Over the past 2 years I have fought constantly to reach my goal, and in late August of 2010 I finally did.  Six weeks later, I celebrated earning my Lifetime status with Weight Watchers, by donating food equal to the amount of weight I‘d lost in pounds to my local food bank.  At the time it was 108.5 pounds!  

For the past 2 years, I think I've missed maybe 4 total Weight Watchers meetings - and that was because I was out of town.  I have religiously journaled my food, and after I lost my first 50 pounds I joined Curves for Women.  Last April, I started training for running a 5k and started my blog to chronicle my running -  I ran my first 5k on June 12th, 2010 in 32 minutes and 15 seconds!  I honestly NEVER thought that I would become a runner!  To go from nearly 300 pounds to running a 5k was like an alternate reality. 

In April, when I started my training program for the 5k I never dreamed I would continue running after the event, but I found myself unable to stop.  I kept running 4 days a week, and eventually left Curves and joined the gym at my local community center.  I now run 3-4 days a week and strength train 2 days a week.  In September, I ran the Great Prostate Cancer Challenge in honor and memory of my dad who died from Prostate Cancer in 2001.  I still want to lose another 13 or so pounds to get to my personal goal, but my ultimate next goal is to successfully have a healthy pregnancy resulting in a healthy baby.  So while my weight loss chapter is starting to wrap up... my story is certainly not over!

It has been incredibly powerful to be able to share my story with others.  More than anything  I want people to know that losing over 100 pounds is possible!!!  It tickles me to know that people out there are actually inspired by ME!  I remember when I first started this journey, looking for stories of people - real people - that have done this before me.  For some reason, seeing those people, and hearing their stories, made it easier for me.  I hope I can be that to someone else just starting on their weight loss journey.

Often I think about how my life has changed since I've lost weight.  Sure, my outside has changed, but I am NOT the same person inside that I was 116 pounds ago either.  People will question this... I know it... but until you have a significant weight loss you cannot begin to understand how it changes you, how it changes your reaction to the world and people around you. The same things are no longer important to me. I carry myself completely differently. I smile at strangers, I dare to do things I never would have before, I enjoy dressing up and looking good, I like to wear high heels, I enjoy a good run, and the feel of sweat down my back.


On that day in October, 2 years ago ,I decided that I alone would be responsible for my success or failure. This was my game to play. I could either play it with all my heart, or not. I am not ashamed today to say that I am proud of myself - proud of what I have done.  Finally, I feel that my life has just begun... and this time I'm going to actually live it, instead of stand by and watch it happen! 

Awesome--Thanks Sarah!! 

Do you have a success story--weight-loss, fitness, goals, life or something else that you would like to share?? Drop me a line! 

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