Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines day gift picks!

I love getting gifts! 

Valentines day is a big gift giving day, but when your beloved is an athlete, health seeker or someone out to lose weight, how do you handle the gift giving and show love without sending a message...or sending chocolate?? 

Girls Day: Every girl loves to be pampered and you can get your loved one a gift of 1-2 hours of beauty and relaxation with a manicure and pedicure! For the cost of a dozen roses, you can make your SO, friend or Mom feel like a princess and look good too! 

Personal Training: Men and women alike enjoy doing things for "themselves" but often don't want to spend the money on self. Send a message that you have confidence in your beloved by giving the gift of a few hours with a personal trainer! Be sure they want it and get the right message, but it makes a great gift--Be fit, show love! 

Massage: Whether it's at home or at a spa, a massage is a wonderful gift. If you are doing it on your own, a little oil, or lotion and some soft music will set the mood to work the knots out of your beloved's back. If you are sending them off to a day at a spa, you can do the works, or an hour deep tissue or stone massage. Either way they will get the message that they are loved and pampered and will reduce stress!

Gift cards: They say, I love you enough to let you pick what you really want. Freedom and choice are always winners in my book! A little something on the side to show you care would be ideal too... a red rose, a dinner out, a movie in... 

A weekend away: Whether a cabin weekend, a day in the snow or a day trip for a little antiquing--TIME with your beloved is almost always at the tip top of the list of wants and needs. It  can be over looked in the busy lives we have. Take TIME to slow down, be with them, that is the best gift ever. 

Anything homemade: Dinner, cards, knit items, a CD or mixed tape. Get out your glue gun, your scissors and your creative love and get to work on a most memorable Valentine with out the cost or the calories!! 

Enjoy and much love to you! 

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