Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Recap: Burger Jones

Happy Valentines Day! 

Apparently it's singles awareness day as well, meaning just be kind to yourself and celebrate your love for others and life whether you are taken OR single! 

I am taken--with Chocolate!! 
Yes, it's true, dark chocolate has tons of antioxidants and tastes divine--why wouldn't you indulge a little?  Besides, it's better to have a little of what your craving than to feel deprived or to eat more of what you DON'T want! 

Fruit drizzled with chocolate for my sweetheart!

Saturday night we went to Burger Jones in Minneapolis for dinner! It was our first time there and although they had salad's and other sandwiches on the menu, we both opted for good ole fashioned burgers --red meat and all the fixin's! Whew! 

I had the Hangover! A pink burger with bacon, mushrooms, hot sauce and a fried egg!!  It was SO good. I ate about half there and took the other half home! 

The TOWER of fries with three kinds of dipping sauce! It was a splurging kind of night. Everything was fantastic and we both eat quite heathy so when in Rome... eat the real deal. 

Besides, afterwards we went to the Roller Rink! It was a great night for skating--it was Christian Music night  and enjoying the great company! Not to mention a date where we were being active and definitely getting a workout in. There were no shots of us in action, but we skated for almost 2 hours! I feel so lucky to go on "activity" dates--Spring and summer will be even better!  

More chocolate from Trader Joes! This is just a way to be accountable for my running and workouts, every-time I dip into some of this, I will just log some activity and keep things evened out. Speaking of, I am reevaluating my race schedule already as I missed the Febuary one and will be checking into a NEW half marathon and marathon training plan... 

Have a happy Monday and just remember to celebrate something EVERY day! 

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