Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Messy run & adding it up

Happy Wednesday! I am busy rockin' my running, workouts and salad challenge! 

There have been a few challenging days, but as long as I am still working on it and striving, if I miss a few days, I am not worried! Today my salad was a greek pasta salad I bought at the co-op and plopped on a bed of baby spinach, drizzled with olive oil and chia! It was awesome... 

I am also focusing on water, water, water! In the winter I struggle with water intake since it is so cold outside and my body isn't hot! Just these past few weeks, I have been buying cans of sparkling water (which I love and allow for myself!) so I can really get a handle on how much I am drinking. I am a stickler for trying to count and get discouraged when I lose count.  

Usually a water bottle does the trick for me, but the one I have is not cutting it lately so I reverted to the cans so I can count and add up all those ounces. It's simply a habit that I need to reestablish and upkeep (more on UPKEEP of habits this week). 

One habit I have been doing very well at has been my working out!! I didn't realize just how LITTLE time I was taking for my own fitness and things I really enjoy like running and weight lifting! I love teaching my boot camp and taking part too, I LOVE with BiG capital letters, teaching kettle bells, but neglect my own loves and my own routines because of them.  This past week and a half I did SO well! 

I got a great, 40 degree, puddle splashing, messy, spring-ish run in and couldn't be happier! I also hit my own full body circuit three days last week and it was invigorating! 

Can I just say one more time how much I love using my free Run Keeper App for Android?? It splits my miles for me, shows me a map of my route and even tracks elevation. It's pretty much the bomb. From the messy run: 
Don't forget to take the time to ENJOY your life as well, find happiness, create your own happiness and show others the way! It is a form of courage to know you deserve it, to claim it and to share it. 

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